Elisa teaches yoga with such positive energy, spirit, and acceptance. I was immediately drawn to her calming presence. She is very supportive and encouraging. Her personality exudes brightness, warmth, and serenity which is conveyed in all of her classes. I love yoga with Elisa! Her vibe, spirit…so joyous! Thank you! – Dana S.

What a wonderful way to warm up my heart, become more heart-centered & stretch my body. Elisa, you are an awesome teacher! Thanks for the class and the private session! – Melissa D.

Elisa believes in a whole person approach to movement and loves helping people feel vibrant in their bodies. Always amazed by the positive mental effects of body movement, Elisa’s journey in Yoga and Mind-Body Psychology began shortly after graduation from the University of California while modeling in Los Angeles, and continued while working at a Malibu holistic wellness center. Encouraged by the center’s practitioners, her personal quest for wellness and curious mind led her from California to Asia to live the Eastern Lifestyle, study Yoga and Nutrition, dance to drums at Eastern ceremonies and festivals, Hawai’i for additional Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine courses, back to California as well as her Colorado roots, then to teach at Spa Montage Kapalua Bay on Maui. She yoga-ed and healthily ate her way around the globe!

A believer that true training and knowing comes from the doing and feeling of the work in one’s own body, she practices a consistent practice, especially at-home. Her formal training includes YogaWorks and Hatha Raja Yoga. She focuses on Gentle Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin Yoga.

As of the onset of COVID-19, Elisa is focusing on her personal, at-home practice in Colorado until the time is right to begin teaching again.

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