Deep Thought of the Day: Energy

Reign in your energy.

Harness it.

Let it lose grasp with whom, with what, and where it doesn’t belong.

Then, let it flow into goodness.


A deep thought and question on my mind has been how you, I, us practice viveka, discernment in Yogic sanskrit.

With a multitude of choices… whom and what to spend our time on…how does one best discern what to do with their energy? 

$436.50 Flight Credit to…

As result of totally switching gears last Fall, I have a flight credit with Hawaiian Airlines for $436.50. It expires on September 4 of this year.

Grounding myself in tadasana, mountain pose, during today’s early morning sandy stroll before a juicy-full day, I visually absorbed the pure beauty of a school of dolphins and wetsuit-clad dapper dudes alike surfing the morning glass waves.

Contemplating the thought of an upcoming trip to the islands, an unfamiliar thought crossed my typically gypsy-footed mind:

I don’t need to go anywhere right now.

I’m pretty darn content. My life is bursting with the simple pleasures that keep Beach Girl Abroad happy: family, friends, community, sharing my passions with the world through teaching yoga and writing, enough space when I need it, intellectual stimulation, daily communion with nature and it’s expansive ocean only a block away. I’d say I’m on a good path towards santoshacontentment as described in Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutras.

A warm, strong Santa Ana wind kicked up during my block-long walk home, gusts not unlike the warm Fall tradewinds that’d breezed along my skin in on Oahu, Maui, and Big Island. Ah, the perfection of a California morning like today’s. On a day like today, I don’t particularly feel like going anywhere.


The wheels are turning.

One last island, Kauai, that I’d left unexplored.

Oh, and my birthday is coming up during the first week of June 😉

Unexplored Territory: Kaua’i

What a nice way to feel.

Just the possibility of taking a trip.

Getting quiet and listening to my intuition on how to proceed from here…



Beach Girl Abroad

Deep Thought of the Day


Fear leads to ego-based action. Motivation from without.

Trust leads to true Self-based action. Inspiration from within.

The above Deep Thought of the Day coincides with the yogic concept of Isvara Pranidhana, surrender to a source greater than oneself. Isvara Pranidhana is one of yoga’s niyamas, or outward practices which lead to one’s bliss, as listed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Let go and Let _________

(insert your faith here, whether God and/or JC, the Universe, the Higher Power, or as the Artist’s Way put it, G-ood O-rderly D-irection. Believe in something fully. Trust all is going exactly right. And watch the inspiration flow.

Niyamas (Yogic Outward Practices):

Saucha: cleaniliness

Samtosha: contentment

Tapas: austerity and discipline

Svadyaya: self-study

Isvara Pranidhana: surrender to a higher power.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali II.32

Embracing the Unknown

paia, maui message from ??
Being okay with the unknown.
Maybe even embracing the unknown.
“when you are in tune with the unknown, 
the known is peaceful” 
~yogi tea bag
Finding it hard to sit right now with the unknown…
What’s the next step…staying here, setting roots somewhere, or pursuing the next adventure?
Watching my thoughts change day to day, moment to moment.
Seeing friends move on, enter and leave relationships, jobs, places, spaces.
Can’t help but compare and begin re-evaluating my own path.
The anxiety can wear you out if you attach yourself to much to prakriti.
To the point where all that sounds good is a hot bath
(with yummy essential oils of clove and lemon peel 🙂
and a novel on a Saturday night.
The numerous potential “plans”: 
to let it all go and take a trip around the globe,
or be rational and stick with what I’ve got for a while, 
enjoying my job and friends.
or pursue a grad degree,
or study holistic nutrition or further yoga studies,
 or teach English again in a foreign land,
or hippie out on an organic farm,
or hippie out as a agriculture volunteer at Kalani on the Big Island
or hippie out at Sanctuary Thailand again (this time longer term 🙂
simply go home (because that’s where the heart is) and work for my old boss.
Oh and guess what?  Everyone has their feedback and opinion of what you should do.
But, again, guess what?
Only you have the final say in what you ultimately do.
Comfort versus Adventure:  
Why no inbetween?  Is there such thing?  And why so hard to be content where you are?
I miss everywhere I’ve been.  I miss my friends, my various jobs, the accents, the thrill of unexplored territory as well as the safe comfort of home in California.
I miss simple things like the bus routes I took and the street food smells of Seoul.
And of course I miss Trader Joe’s, hugs from my Mom and Dad, 
and the 10,000th walk down Oxnard Shores Beach.  
But would I go back in time, and choose not to leave any of those places?
The answer is “no”.  Who I am today is a result of the decisions to step outside my own comfort zone.  To pursue change is to pursue growth.  
Being able to let go and detach from the past, future, ideas, and what once was/what could be;
even more powerful.  
Now, one thought crosses my mind, would I actually grow more if I stayed for once?
A consideration, but I refuse to attach myself to it.    
Trying to cultivate equanimity (as the 10 day vipassana meditation teacher explained), and rising above the prakriti (yoga language for “change”, the only constant), to watch myself from my own purusha (yoga language for true Self).  Without judgement.  Without getting sucked in.  With simply the observation of the fluctuations of my own mind.  The time will come when it will settle on where exactly to settle.  Or maybe my own purusha is a free little spirit.
Now this is yoga.
Gotta dig that yogic philosophy.
Time for a yin practice before bed…no more yogic philosophy nature walk inspired ramblings…
Sitting and sleeping in the comfort of the unknown.  And the peace of the known.
love and at peace for today…

Wrapping up the Week! Pay Attention to Your Yoga, Pay Attention to Your Life

Alright, much better day yesterday, and today is Friday! Yay!

Celebrated my co-teacher’s birthday yesterday by bringing in a little chocolate birthday cake from Paris Baguette, a chain of pastry shops here in Seoul. On top of the cake, I placed candles that said  
“<3 YOU”, and totally surprised her with the cake, candles, and the kids singing “Happy Birthday” to her.  She was actually touched! It was adorable, “Elisa, I’m so touch-ed”, she leaned over and said to me in her even more adorable Korean accent. It was a special moment, and I love happy surprises.

chocolate cake from paris b.  (totally copy/pasted from the net as i’m too lazy to upload pics as of late…)
My patience was better yesterday with the kids.  I had a good night’s rest and was careful with how much sugar I ate all day. I’m noticing that lack of *quality* sleep (it doesn’t really matter if I get 8, as long as the hours are quality), and/or too much sugar really put me in a “mood”.  It’s pretty easy to get too much sugar here at preschool with all the cakes (see above, which is a daily thing as kids have birthday parties all the time) going around.  Plus the stress that can come with teaching 20 kids sometimes leaves you reaching for chocolate.
I read a great quote the other day, from star yoga teacher Erich Schiffman’s book. To paraphrase:
“Pay attention to your yoga, pay attention to your life.  Both will become more interesting.”
So what did I learn this week by paying a bit more attention?
In yoga: My hamstrings are tighter than ever despite teaching 3 classes a week and doing my own lil’ morning and bedtime routines..  solution? Stay longer in forward bends as to not shock the muscles.
*It’s hard for me to get to bed after teaching evening classes.  Possible solution: How are you teaching this class?  Crap!  Elisa…stop running it like an AM class. Bring the energy down a notch. Enter “moon salutations” and knock off the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) and backbends.  Chill out.  
In life: 
*unquality sleep + sugar = moods.  Solution: Do things to get better sleep. I stumbled on a book called “The Well-Rested Woman”, and have started taking tips from that, like creating a bedtime routine.  Focus on protein and veggies.  Do I really need sugary soymilk, chocolate, and cakes that are conveniently lying around?
*Tuesday night late evening tea parties at my place with awesome friends are pretty amazing, and being around positive people sometimes can boost my energy like nothing else. Wish i’d done this more throughout the past year! But hey, maybe all that solo time was a good thing, too. 
Yay for random rambles…Happppy Friday!