Yoga by the Sea @ Mandalay Beach

Friday Morning Vinyasa 7/8/2011
Oxnard Outdoor Yoga Group
Oxnard Shores, CA
This is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done, this yoga teaching, yes it is.
When I found out in early March, my first week back from Seoul, that there was a yoga group meeting at the Beach Park down the street…well, I just had to scope it out…
Yoga taught with a blend of asana and philosophy by the lovely Marketa.
Under the sun and palm trees that I’d dreamt about from concrete Seoul.
With an ocean view.
pinch me.
A couple months after joining the group, I was itching to get back into yoga teacher mode.  After feeling the goodness of yoga teaching in Korea, I was ready (very nervously and apprehensively so) to begin teaching on home soil.  After expressing interest to Marketa about starting my own class (perhaps a Sunset Vinyasa?), Marketa graciously opened the group to me.
Friday mornings at 9:30a for the last two months…
fill my heart with love, connectedness…
There’s something about outdoor yoga…
the beauty of nature…
the loss of control of the elements (we practice foggy or sunny, just not in rainy conditions).
Plus, bringing yoga outdoors opens the practice to everyone.
We have expert yogis, as well as those just stepping on the mat.
People pass by, see us, and join the next week.
A woman walked by with her pup, and a fellow member offered her an extra mat. She practiced with us that very day.
Another woman brings her Mother, who is wheelchair bound. Mother flows her arms with us as we flow from pose to pose. I leaned down and gave her an adjustment during savasana, and told her “thank you for coming out here, it means so much to teach you”…and she said, “oh, this is so good for me”.
Heart warmed to no end…
My Mom has even started coming to class. I have to say, it has made our already strong bond even stronger.
Yoga = amazing.  Outdoors yoga = even more amazing.
Marketa’s 4th of July Weekend Flow @ the Dunes
Oxnard Shores, CA, USA
3 more weeks until Hawai’i and the YogaWorks training.
Excited to learn and delve even deeper into the practice, as well as the Hawaiian adventure.
“ommmmmmmm” 🙂
I don’t want to sound like an ad…I’m just excited about this…
So, seriously, if you happen to be in the Ventura County area, or are passing through, please come join us…

be good to yourself.

be good to yourself, that’s what it’s all about.

  • This was something I said during the final savasana of the 4th or so yoga class I’d ever taught (Monday night :).  I saw it pop up 2 days later on my facebook feed, who had taken that class.  so i reply…

    • Elisa Jennifer Lipton hee love it! thanks again for coming the other night

    • and she says… i guess i should have quoted you here…..thanks for the words of encouragement and helping us balance during this tough month..

      and i say…

      ha no quote necessary, i’m flattered!! yoga and the above type of thinking is getting me through this last leg too 🙂

      It’s true.  Yoga + positive thinking+ taking care and being nice to myself has made all the difference in how I felt this time last year (trudging thru the mud, pretty confused, wanting to be “anywhere but here”) to now (feeling pretty solid in my decisions, pretty happy with how i’m spending time and making decisions, back to doing cartwheels and handstands in any open space…ya know…)  The above has changed my whole experience in the past year, and I’ve really grown a lot.  
      And now, to get this positive feedback, to realize that my words are helping people, wow.  It was just something that came out of my mouth, not pre-planned or anything.  I’m just so happy.  exuberant.  I love this.

      be nice to yourself.  if you are nice to yourself first, you’re probably a heck of a lot nicer and less judgmental of others, too.

      om.  🙂

teaching my first yoga class!

So out of all the shit talking I do on Seoul (being landlocked, freezing temps, too fast-paced life for me, unhealthy and excessive habits of the culture, over crowdedness…), I have to admit, rather REALIZE, that this place has really offered me some amazing opportunities I wouldn’t have accomplished in the States, or had the confidence to realize in the States at such point in my life……

On top of meeting some lifelong amigas, learning to teach kids, and really get strong/be forced to stand on my own two feet, I just completed a yoga teacher’s training course here in Seoul.  A friend had sent me an ad from a studio needing teachers a few months ago…and it just so happens that the position started immediately after my training completed.  So now I’ve got a job teaching yoga 3 nights per week~What a way to spend my last 6 weeks in the ROK…teaching something I’m passionate about.  And further, what synchronicity to have occur.  

So last night was the first class.  I was soooooo nervous for the hour or so before class.  I showed up to the studio to a packed class of about 25 people!  I’d prepared an hour long balancing flow on a cheat sheet, starting off in child’s pose, then coming into Surya Namaskar A then some variations on Surya Namaskar B. So much adrenaline was pumping through me that I never got tired, and I hope my many sun salutes weren’t too hard on the class.  We flowed down to a relaxing hip opening floor sequence, with some twists.  I’d borrowed some sequencing here and there from my favorite teachers back home (who I’ve been able to keep up with through the magic of streaming yoga videos on the web), but tried to be creative as I could with the sequence.  Most of the time, I didn’t even end up using the cheat sheet…and just let the yoga flow.  I acted confident, therefore felt more confident…though of course the nervousness was still present.  It felt sooooo good to see all my students (my students!) resting in savasana at the end.  It felt even better when students said, “thank you” as they left class.  I can’t wait to teach again tomorrow 🙂

teaching the kiddos some yoga moves!