Life update…

So, I moved to Oahu in October!

I’d always dreamed of living here…and after much back and forth, I booked a flight, arranged for the car to be shipped,

And here I am!

So after a few crazy months of getting settled on the Rock, Beach Girl Abroad is back to share the adventure that is life.

Beach, yoga, insights, inspirations, travels, friends, connections, boys, jobs…

Kimchi– err– coconut kisses!


Greetings from Oahu, wish you were here…

~greetings from waikiki, honolulu, oahu~

What a whirlwind 6 weeks.

Feeling the need for a little reflection and grounding¬†in the midst of the last 6 weeks of travel…well, hello, blog. ¬†I’m sorry I’ve left you a little dusty. ¬†

the lovely Yoga Camp girls practicing on Kehena Beach, Pahoa, Hawaii’i

Spent the entire month of August on the Big Island of Hawaii’i doing the YogaWorks training with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch (very¬†Eat, Breathe, Yoga…heehee..where it was a bit about learning more about the asana/postures of yoga, but overall more of an excavation of heart, mind, soul, and connection with 15 amazing people in the training. ¬†So special…Words cannot describe. ¬†Then, so far September has been¬†1 week on Maui, and this past week on Oahu…

Oahu’s been great. ¬†Feeling right at home here, with the comfort of being in the USA while having the¬†familiarity¬†of the past year in Asia (you know, I’ve got a real soft spot for summertime in South Korea…warm balmy weather, what a special time with friends, lots of ocean time, that was really an amazing Summer 2010, yes it was)…¬†

Peace Love Namaste to the USASalutation Nation Event @ Lululemon Ala Moana on 9/11
There’s lot to do with the city being right here, but easy to escape to nature (hiking at Diamond Head, Manoa Falls, hop in the water for a warm water surf sesh (totally pulling a “Blue Crush” ya’all) , LOTS of yoga, good public transport, bike-able in the metro area…and super nice people. ¬†And a Chinatown (where you can find¬†Korean Melon, freshly made Tofu..yes yes…)

Yoga at Haleakala Crater, Maui with Julie~Ommmmmm…

And Maui was fantastic as well! ¬†Relaxed, had some much needed solo time for a couple days to process the whole transformative month of yoga training. ¬†Took little road trips on my own, snorkeled with some sea turtles…a perfect transition from the quiet of the Big Island.
And then, super bummed about Yoga Camp ending, and with the awesomeness of new yoga camp amiga Julie,¬†we extended the good times for a week at her place on Maui…yoga at Haleakala Crater, attending Julie’s yoga class, BBQ’ing, playing in the Grand Wailea’s 9 waterslides (well, for a little while till getting kicked out)….

Time to go enjoy the last couple days here…life’s an adventure once again…

~coconut kisses~