Deok-Jeok-Do Island Getaway

over Buddha’s Birthday weekend, 5 of us took a ferry to the island of Deok Jeok Do, located about an hour away from Incheon Airport

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, the weather was picture perfect…Everyone was just thrilled to be at the beach. I felt right at home taking a nap on the sand right when we arrived!

We stayed at a minbak, which is sort of a korean version of a bed and breakfast. We slept on blankets on the floor which was actually very comfy. So comfy I’ve started sleeping on my floor at home, in fact. Anyways, the family that owned it was warm and friendly to us…even letting us pick the veggies off their farm.  Here’s some cultural authenticity!

Being silly on the beach and collecting shells.

photos above: a. brady 🙂

 The next 2 days it rained.

 And I became a sourpuss.

I realize I need to work on not letting a little bad weather affect my moods. But this particular weekend i felt even worse than the usual bad weather blues. I felt homesick and a little, okay a lot, lost.

I talked to a couple friends about it.

One idea was that it was just a case of culture shock hitting me during the 4th month.

I sensed that it was more than that.

It took a couple days after getting back from Deok Jeok Do to figure out what the hell came over me.

 My take on it: I felt like i wasn’t in control…

I’m used to planning everything and doing everything solo…

and not used to letting someone else take the driver’s seat.

So next time i need to become aware of this feeling before heading out on the trip, by acknowledging that the trip is not in my hands, or by taking on some part of the trip planning task.

 P.S. After all that psychobabble being said…I’m grateful to Jeno for planning this trip (otherwise, it probably never would have happened!).

 Anyways, We were all looking forward to a beach getaway complete with suntans…but we made the best of our rained-out beach vacay by cooking yummy food, and finding a kareoke bar… 🙂


The farmland outside of our minbak where we picked our own veggies

we cooked! (well, Jeno did…thanks Jeno!)


we shared sea snails with our minbok neighbors! (yum!)

we noraebanged mid-day! That’s kareoke gone wild… (picture tbd)


and we ate some more. This Sunday brunch of bean paste stew (tenjin jigae) and all the sides was only $5).

keeping dry with lovely Jeno on the way to the ferry.

photo: a. brady

 see you next time, Deok Jeok Do!