Deep Thought of the Day: Energy

Reign in your energy.

Harness it.

Let it lose grasp with whom, with what, and where it doesn’t belong.

Then, let it flow into goodness.


A deep thought and question on my mind has been how you, I, us practice viveka, discernment in Yogic sanskrit.

With a multitude of choices… whom and what to spend our time on…how does one best discern what to do with their energy? 

$436.50 Flight Credit to…

As result of totally switching gears last Fall, I have a flight credit with Hawaiian Airlines for $436.50. It expires on September 4 of this year.

Grounding myself in tadasana, mountain pose, during today’s early morning sandy stroll before a juicy-full day, I visually absorbed the pure beauty of a school of dolphins and wetsuit-clad dapper dudes alike surfing the morning glass waves.

Contemplating the thought of an upcoming trip to the islands, an unfamiliar thought crossed my typically gypsy-footed mind:

I don’t need to go anywhere right now.

I’m pretty darn content. My life is bursting with the simple pleasures that keep Beach Girl Abroad happy: family, friends, community, sharing my passions with the world through teaching yoga and writing, enough space when I need it, intellectual stimulation, daily communion with nature and it’s expansive ocean only a block away. I’d say I’m on a good path towards santoshacontentment as described in Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutras.

A warm, strong Santa Ana wind kicked up during my block-long walk home, gusts not unlike the warm Fall tradewinds that’d breezed along my skin in on Oahu, Maui, and Big Island. Ah, the perfection of a California morning like today’s. On a day like today, I don’t particularly feel like going anywhere.


The wheels are turning.

One last island, Kauai, that I’d left unexplored.

Oh, and my birthday is coming up during the first week of June 😉

Unexplored Territory: Kaua’i

What a nice way to feel.

Just the possibility of taking a trip.

Getting quiet and listening to my intuition on how to proceed from here…



Beach Girl Abroad

Deep Thought of the Day


Fear leads to ego-based action. Motivation from without.

Trust leads to true Self-based action. Inspiration from within.

The above Deep Thought of the Day coincides with the yogic concept of Isvara Pranidhana, surrender to a source greater than oneself. Isvara Pranidhana is one of yoga’s niyamas, or outward practices which lead to one’s bliss, as listed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Let go and Let _________

(insert your faith here, whether God and/or JC, the Universe, the Higher Power, or as the Artist’s Way put it, G-ood O-rderly D-irection. Believe in something fully. Trust all is going exactly right. And watch the inspiration flow.

Niyamas (Yogic Outward Practices):

Saucha: cleaniliness

Samtosha: contentment

Tapas: austerity and discipline

Svadyaya: self-study

Isvara Pranidhana: surrender to a higher power.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali II.32

Endless Southeast Asian Summer: Haad Tien Beach, Koh Phangan

Day 4 of my vacation and I’m getting into a good groove and finally relaxing.

The “schedule”:

 yoga at 8:30am,



 swim in the ocean,

 lay in the sand,

 hang with amazing people,

 (repeat as necessary),

 a Thai massage (hey, when it’s 250 baht, or $5, why the heck not get a massage everyday?),

 maybe take another yoga class,

 sometimes meditation at 6pm,

 eat something Thai for dinner and hang with more incredible people,

 practice ukelele while everyone eggs me on (thanks for putting up with my newbie uke skills,everyone),


I found myself practicing yoga at the Blooming Lotus studio near my hut at Haad Yuan, then taking a quick hike over the hill and spending most of my days at The Sanctuary “Alternative” resort on Haad Tien Bay.

                              Haad Tien Bay

A few things attracted me to this side of the Bay. One was the floating hut in the water. I’d swim out a few times a day and either hang with whoever happened to be there (all were cool, save for one grabby Frenchman who I quickly swam far away from), or if I found myself alone, I took the time to appreciate a quiet moment, the scenery, and meditate. Away from any resort noise, away from any ambiance music.  Just me and the big open sea.

                                          The Hut at sunset
Lounging at The Hut, just me, the ocean, and my trusty h2o-proof camera case.

Another bonus: the restaurant has a Raw food section on their menu. I’ve always aimed to eat at least a percentage of my diet “raw” and love creating new raw recipes myself, so to have a special raw menu to nourish and inspire me was perfect. The menu included things like “Not yogurt” (blended raw papaya, full of good-for-you enzymes) to “Raw Pad Thai” (made with raw radish) and Raw soups.

And the Wellness Center (which offers 2-10 day fasting cleanses, but no! I was eating on this vacation!) sells Kombucha, the probiotic tea that I’ve loved since my UCSD days (could buy it with meal points on campus, feeling a kombucha buzz between classes),  and have recently started brewing my own batch in Korea.

The Sanctuary basically was screaming my name loud and clear.

As I spent more time there, and started talking to more and more folks, I found other solo femme travelers and yoginis. I liked where I was staying up at Bamboo Huts on Haad Yuan. The people and food were spectacular, too, and everyone was so encouraging with the new ukelele. However, I loved the young, health concious, and solo female traveler tribe that seemed to be forming over at Haad Tien. The guys were awesome, too! So, I asked my new amigas and amigos over at Haad Tien where they were staying and some of them said dorm. I’d questioned the whole dorm idea but then I took one look at the gorgeous “dorm” above the restaurant and I was sold.  For 200 baht a night ($4!), it was cheaper than my private hut by just enough to justify an extra Thai massage or two, and I wasn’t spending time in my room anyways!

                                   Dorms at the Sanctuary

Packed up my backpack and headed over the hill to Sanctuary…

I checked into Sanctuary’s dorms and was given a welcome glass of their Ginger Lemonade. Cleansing and refreshing after lugging my giant backpack up and down the steep hill in the hot, humid, and lovely I might add, weather. And a 50% off coupon for their spa.  Sweet.

It was stillearly and my dormmates were still asleep, so I quietly plunked my backback down, whispered “hello” to one gal who was just waking up, stripped down to the bikini, and headed out. On the way to the water, I rented snorkel gear. It was the first 100% clear day since I’d arrived and I wanted to explore the crystal water.

Over the next 3 days, I finally settled in.  Funny things start happening when you slow down.

First, I found this meditation in the August ’10 Yoga Journal. It became the meditation I used the entire trip out on the little floating hut.  Ha, yes, I tried meditating myself. For about 5 minutes at a time, but hey it’s a start!  I hope this meditation will help me thrive for the rest of my time in Korea, because it really rang true when I read it: “a lotus blooms even in the muddiest of waters”. I want to thrive even in a city as (well, to me) as urban and unnatural as Seoul.

Om Shrim Mahalakshyraim Namah: The mantra of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of all the wealth and prosperity in the world.


Then, taking a walk through the jungle, I saw this:

No other astrological signs were present on other coconuts.  I know, I know, it seems silly, but I really saw this as a sign for my Gemini self. Be mindful, be present, observe and learn how you effect others, and nature. What you do helps or hinders the world going round.

I met a superb group of gals and wish I could have spent more time there with this group. It seemed like each day was full of meaningful (or silly) chats, a sauna/steam here and there thrown in, a dip in the sea. Every young woman here had a lot going for her. Each girl I spoke with was striving to make her mark on the world; from UN humanitarian efforts to teaching underprivileged kids to working with NGO’s in Africa teaching sustainability, saving sea turtles to simply following her dream to teach yoga. The guys I met were also equally incredible, with fantastic travel stories all over India and Asia and all over the world, with brand new ideas and dreams for themselves. I’m just so inspired by this trip and the people I met.

Hammock-ing with Din from Israel:

The rest of the vacay was spent relaxing.

 Swimming.  Eating.  Chatting.  Snorkeling.  Beach. Sunning.  Hammock-ing.

 Yoga-ing: I mixed it up and took a few yoga and meditation classes at the Sanctuary’s yoga shala, just as gorgeous as Bamboo Huts. Again, the only (very welcome) “distraction” was jungle noises: a symphony of cicadas humming through the jungle as the sun went down. I learned a few dancing/moving meditations by Osho, which I thought were really cool–15 minutes of shaking, 15 mins of dance, 15 mins sitting meditation, and 15 mins savasana/yoga relaxation pose.


jungle-ing and pulling a Columbus (exploring 🙂  in ‘flops and ‘kini.


After only three short days on Haad Tien, and just beginning to recharge, I started the journey back to Korea by saying goodbye to Koh Phangan Island and taking a ferry to Koh Samui, where I’d stay for the day/night and catch an early plane back “home”.  Stay tuned for a tale about that adventure…

Haad Tien from above, the lil floating hut in the bay

Wish Upon a Rock

I’ve seen rock stacks along the California coast, especially at Surfer’s Point in Ventura, and along hiking trails. I never realiazed that stacking rocks is actually a Buddhist meditation. I always assumed it was artwork, which I suppose it could be looked at in the same way. Art is after all, a focused meditation.
Collect rocks with smooth surfaces and stack them carefully, making a wish or prayer while doing so. Letting the rocks fall is bad luck…so you have to be very, very careful. Best of luck!

Where’s Buddha? Bongeunsa Temple Exploring

Visited Bongeunsa Temple in the center of Gangnam, Seoul after school last week. My new goal is to explore more after work. I’ve become used to the job and am not nearly as tired as I was at first. In the beginning, teaching kindergarten was so exhausting that I barely had enough energy to go to dinner after work!

The reason I wanted to teach abroad was to travel and explore, so duh…the only answer is to get out and do it! I dragged along 3 friends and we had a great time wandering and taking pictures.
The Buddha at Bongeunsa is supposedly the tallest in Korea. I was in awe and took a seat to meditate for a minute on the beautiful marble floor in front of Buddha. When I took off my shoes and stepped on the marble, I was delighted to find it was warm! Ondol marble floor outdoors in front of Buddha….taking a mental note of that one. This will definitely be one of my top spots to come back and visit during this year in Seoul.
Check out how this beautiful temple is situated right in the middle of crazy urban development (see skyscrapers in the background). Just when I thought again that Korea had lost it’s nature, well it smacks me straight in the face that they do in fact have it right…nature and peace right in the middle of a crazy busy city!