Deep Thought of the Day: Energy

Reign in your energy.

Harness it.

Let it lose grasp with whom, with what, and where it doesn’t belong.

Then, let it flow into goodness.


A deep thought and question on my mind has been how you, I, us practice viveka, discernment in Yogic sanskrit.

With a multitude of choices… whom and what to spend our time on…how does one best discern what to do with their energy? 

Deep Thought of the Day


Fear leads to ego-based action. Motivation from without.

Trust leads to true Self-based action. Inspiration from within.

The above Deep Thought of the Day coincides with the yogic concept of Isvara Pranidhana, surrender to a source greater than oneself. Isvara Pranidhana is one of yoga’s niyamas, or outward practices which lead to one’s bliss, as listed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Let go and Let _________

(insert your faith here, whether God and/or JC, the Universe, the Higher Power, or as the Artist’s Way put it, G-ood O-rderly D-irection. Believe in something fully. Trust all is going exactly right. And watch the inspiration flow.

Niyamas (Yogic Outward Practices):

Saucha: cleaniliness

Samtosha: contentment

Tapas: austerity and discipline

Svadyaya: self-study

Isvara Pranidhana: surrender to a higher power.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali II.32

Creating Space

OK, I’m totally going to be a yoga teacher right now…

In yoga class, we create space in our bodies through asana (postures) and create space in our minds by channeling our thoughts via concentration on the breath.  
Our shoulders open up, that kink in the neck disappears with regular practice, 
suddenly our fingers touch our toes.  


And, if we’re lucky enough, our monkey minds stop for a while (well, hopefully).  
Sometimes, mine never stops!  And I’m a gosh darn yoga teacher!


What about creating space in our lives?
Inspired by a conversation that took place on a beach day with a dear friend, 
and an article on Marie Claire she brought for me, titled, “Are You Too Busy for Love?!”
A conversation began between the two of us, 
and continues in my own mind as I strive for simplicity and focus (another yogic concept, drishti) in my professional and personal life.


Space for quiet time.
space for spontaneity.
space for good people.

space for listening.

space for being heard.
space for work.
space for play.

space for reciprocity.
space for art.
space for love.
space for what’s important…

it’s all too easy to get off balance…to let one aspect of our lives take over.  In my own experience, an imbalance happens due to abhinivesha, or fear.  Mine is mostly the case of finances…being scared that one job will fall through and it’s always good to have a back up plan.  Does that mean one has a lack of faith?  I hope not…I do have a strong faith in God…whatever you want to call him, the Universe, the man up there…I do believe.  And prayer in the simplest form to Kirtan/Ecstatic Dance has become more a part of my life than ever before.  Even with faith, even though everything always seems to work out, harboring this fear is tough to shake.

Being an adult is complicated.

I see it with my yogi students, with my friends, with myself.
working too much plus worry equals a very tired girl…

Where’s the balance?  
Where’s the space?  
How to balance the energy, and allow the maximum goodness in life?
Om 🙂



Focus, gaze, drishti.

Albert Einstein (I believe)…once said “a scattered mind is no mind at all”…

A lovely big sis and amazing facial guru, says “you can succeed, even picking up dog shit, if you follow the three C’s”:


So what’s your drishti, or focus, going to be?

Packing. . .

I’m sitting on my knees on the floor, staring at two enormous blue suitcases. I’m simply staring, frozen, at the two suitcases that will contain my life. My life in possessions that surely weigh more than me.

How am I supposed to pack up my entire life for a year into two suitcases? Did I mention there is a 50 pound weight limit per case?! One already has too much in it (read: stuffed with clothing), the other is starting to become full of essentials like vitamins, a year’s supply of deodorant and toothpaste, sheets, large (American-sized) towels, and my daily necessity that I heard is hard to come by: a little spice called Cinnamon (I even put this stuff on my eggs).

If you’re wondering, in five days, I’m leaving my Southern California beach life for Asia. I’m off to teach kindergarten English for one year in Seoul, South Korea. The opportunity kept coming up through a friend for about a year before I jumped in. Korea appealed to me because not only is it near top vacation spots such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and more (plus Korea has it’s own vacay spots like Busan!), but also the school’s compensation package allows teachers to save some money while living a comfortable lifestyle. Having friends already living in Korea is a big plus!
I traveled Europe at age 19 and LOVED it…a summer study abroad program in England. I had never felt so alive. I’ve always had quite the independent spirit, and during that trip, I found out I’m a pretty adventuresome traveler. I always lost the group and found my own adventure that summer, sometimes bringing fellow study abroaders with me, often making newfound friends along the way. The Euro trip culminated with a 3 day solo trip to the Island of Ibiza, Spain. Looking back, a bold move for a 19 year old girl. I had the time of my life.
On January 1 of 2010, I found myself rummaging through our storage unit, and stumbled upon my travel journal from that magical summer. The journal was full of excited, alive writing, and little things like seashells, sugar packets, plane/metro tickets from all over Europe. I was in a decent position at my job at a wellness center, with amazing coworkers surrounding me, but trudging through the mud everyday. An adventure was desperately needed. So, I took this as a sign. New year, new life. A week later, I put in two weeks notice at my job, trusting that this new plan would unfold perfectly. And two weeks later I’d secured the job in Korea. Pretty cool!
Now it’s almost time to leave. And this whole packing thing has jolted me to the core. When did I become so tied to my material possessions? What’s with the anxiety surrounding packing, and leaving “stuff” behind? Logically, I know a person does not need much stuff. I know to only bring the things I absolutely adore. But going through my clothes (oh, and being an avid thrift store junkie, oh there are many clothes), I’m coming up with outfits that I haven’t even worn here in the U.S., and thinking, “well, I could layer this with that…”, and “that shirt would be good to teach in”. Then my logical side comes in and says, “Elisa, you haven’t worn this outfit all year…what makes you think you’re going to start now?”
This mind-boggling packing dilemma has me asking questions of my friends already in Korea. One says to bring only the essentials, because people tend to accumulate during their stay. Makes sense. So, in theory, this is what one should pack for Korea. . . (see photo of pile below 🙂
Whew. So much for packing light…better get down to it! Till next time…