Deep thought of the Day: Pay Attention.

A mantra on my mind as of late hasn’t been in Sanskrit, but in plain English:

Pay attention to yourself.

And as an expansive yang to the contractive yin of my mantra…

Pay attention to those paying attention to you.


In our hyper-connected world, it’s all too easy to get caught up in awe, comparison, even vying for the attention of others. Perhaps others on who’s radars we don’t even exist. Even if we appear as a tiny blip, how much energy must we expend before we realize that energy would be better served in the direction towards not only ourselves but those actually looking at us directly in the eye?

How can anything happen if we seek far off and over the horizon? The only way I can think to spread light is to start right here. With those on my own radar, and myself on theirs.

And who’s the person who should (and I rarely use the word “should”!)  always be on my radar? Me. My purpose. My work. My body and mind’s needs. My relationships. My fun. My productivity. My energy. My happiness.

Paying attention to those looking at me seems the logical next step. Above acknowledging someone taking the time to come to my yoga class, or comment/”like” my contributions to the world out of all the bagillions of yoga classes or social media posts out there, I mean paying attention at a subtler level. Paying attention to the light energy and the dark energy coming your way. Be aware. Team up, or don’t. Respond, or don’t. Reflect in the light; bounce away from the dark.

And I have to remind myself, and share with you, not to take it personally if no acknowledgement is heard back at all. Sometimes the radar gets foggy and overwhelmed. We have to forgive each other and understand that maybe, just maybe, a person is taking some time to contract and pay attention to…shocker…themselves. Or something else important in their lives. This does not mean silent love and acknowledgement isn’t being sent your way.

Pay attention to yourself.

Pay attention to those paying attention to you.

How do you pay attention to yourself? How do you pay attention and become aware of others surrounding you, and how do you interact with the light and darkness of those eyes on you? Would love to hear your thoughts, my friends!

Coconut kisses,

Beach Girl

Info overload! and more info on red bean than you’d ever want to know…

There is just wayyy too much info out there on the internet.  I log on to check my e-mail and within 5 minutes, there’s at least 4 or 5 tabs or windows of web pages (if not more) open.

I notice myself getting stressed by my internet sessions. Keyed up!  Anyone else feeling like that?  Sometimes it’s fun.  Most times, it’s kinda exhausting.  How do you focus???

I’m trying to focus on just keeping up with family and friends–writing writing–and keeping up with the blog, yoga news, and the random google searches (today’s info hunt was “azuki bean” 🙂

(p.s. “azuki bean” is commonly called “red bean” or “pat” in Korea.  It’s used for lots of fillings in pastries, and is a yum topping on patbinsu (the summer icy sweet treat I mentioned in another post.  it’s origins can be traced back before 1000 b.c., and it’s the second most popular bean in Japan (soybeans are #1)…as with most beans, packed with protein and fiber, and iron!  i was borderline anemic according to the required blood panel we had to do back in March upon entering Korea (weird since i was eating tons of galbi (korean bbq) at the time…makes you question the whole meat industry’s advertising meat as an “excellent” iron source.)  ANYWAYS…Extra iron is a good thang.

Bottom line~red beans rock, and i think i’ll pick some up tonight.  might even sprout these lil’ babes and make a raw sprouted azuki bean salad with some carrots and beets?
or perhaps a pumpkin, red bean, and silken tofu porridge will be a fun thing to cook this week.  

azuki beans and bean paste
My cookin’ vibes are on fire (they were ice cold a month or two ago)!!! maybe the artist’s way will make me a chef.  ha.  okay, enough ramblin….).  
Off for a 3,000 won glass of vino this eve with the amigas…
ain’t no party like an Indigo party…
indigo in haebangcheon (my ‘hood)–(pic from