Creating Space

OK, I’m totally going to be a yoga teacher right now…

In yoga class, we create space in our bodies through asana (postures) and create space in our minds by channeling our thoughts via concentration on the breath.  
Our shoulders open up, that kink in the neck disappears with regular practice, 
suddenly our fingers touch our toes.  


And, if we’re lucky enough, our monkey minds stop for a while (well, hopefully).  
Sometimes, mine never stops!  And I’m a gosh darn yoga teacher!


What about creating space in our lives?
Inspired by a conversation that took place on a beach day with a dear friend, 
and an article on Marie Claire she brought for me, titled, “Are You Too Busy for Love?!”
A conversation began between the two of us, 
and continues in my own mind as I strive for simplicity and focus (another yogic concept, drishti) in my professional and personal life.


Space for quiet time.
space for spontaneity.
space for good people.

space for listening.

space for being heard.
space for work.
space for play.

space for reciprocity.
space for art.
space for love.
space for what’s important…

it’s all too easy to get off balance…to let one aspect of our lives take over.  In my own experience, an imbalance happens due to abhinivesha, or fear.  Mine is mostly the case of finances…being scared that one job will fall through and it’s always good to have a back up plan.  Does that mean one has a lack of faith?  I hope not…I do have a strong faith in God…whatever you want to call him, the Universe, the man up there…I do believe.  And prayer in the simplest form to Kirtan/Ecstatic Dance has become more a part of my life than ever before.  Even with faith, even though everything always seems to work out, harboring this fear is tough to shake.

Being an adult is complicated.

I see it with my yogi students, with my friends, with myself.
working too much plus worry equals a very tired girl…

Where’s the balance?  
Where’s the space?  
How to balance the energy, and allow the maximum goodness in life?
Om 🙂