Beach Girl Abroad


In early 2010, I created Beach Girl Abroad at the suggestion of neighbor and mentor, Nancy Szakacsy, who said, “this is your story, you’d better be writing it down”, as we walked our dogs around the quiet beach neighborhood.

I was off to teach English in Asia, and what an adventure it was. I began writing that overcast California Coastal morning, about the anticipated travel and where to even begin packing. Quickly, my real journey started to come through quite naturally through writing.

I wrote about the travels (which were amazing), but more often, the personal growth that sped up exponentially via living and working in a foreign country. Being alone, without family within driving distance, for the first time. Getting to know myself.

My natural curiosity in travel, health, natural beauty, movement, food and recipes, and the true meaning of home flowed into the blog. When I began yoga training in Seoul, and subsequently taught, yoga philosophy weaved itself in, too.

Years spent living in, and/or traveling, a handful of countries (plus Hawai’i),

an overflowing bowl of teachers learned from in subjects ranging from nutrition to how to love again,

hundreds of foreign veggies, recipes, international beauty tips, and farmer’s markets tried,

two yoga trainings,

a handful of living spaces from retreat centers in jungles to windowless apartments in dynamic cities,

countless classes and downward dogs,

add to taste walks down beautiful beaches and through stunning jungles that left me utterly speechless,

wanders through street markets and shopping anywhere and everywhere from high-end to consignment,

countless good and stupid decisions. . .

and subsequent countless lessons learned. . .

don’t forget a broken, then healed, heart tossed in between,

and most importantly, a precious handful of dear, dear friends around the globe. . .

Finding my stillness and what truly ignites an inner spark wherever I happen to be. . .

Creating beauty, open space in mind-body-soul, and nourishment,

wherever you decide to travel

…or call


With love and wellness always,


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qlette Contributor

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, maybe you can email me? Curious about your sense of peace…I am struggling with weight, depression, no money and digestive issues and lots of fatigue. would love to chat…briefly even..thanks. Email me if you can.

    • Hi Honey, thanks for the comment! I find my peace through nature, yoga, creating space and solitude while striving for a balance with my need for space with my need for people. It’s a continual process. I have my bad days like every one else. Attitude is everything! I’ll be writing more about these topics soon. Please feel free to email me at ejlipton@gmail.com

  2. Hi Elisa! Found your blog via luck. It’s midnite so not much time to read much, but what I did manage I enjoyed. Glad you found the Sandbox. It seems to attatact special people, and thankful to have met you. Keep smiling ; )

    • Hey Todd,

      Thanks for stopping by! Your Sandbox does seem to inspire creative flow as well as focus for the more analytical endeavor of school at the moment. Agree–it does seem to attract special people–every one I’ve met, staff and guests, have just been a bit deeper and out of the box. Love it..must be something in the kombucha or $1 coffee (amazing.) 🙂 Take care, and see you soon!

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