Clean slate & cleaning up the love / life.

What is it about being on the road that fuels my writing? My weeklong Southern California road trip’s amped up self-reflection and writer’s mode. Solo travel, I should expect by now, lends this effect…even if instead of soaring through wispy clouds to jungle hop I’m car camping, hanging my yoga mat in a friend’s guest room or via airbnb (all highly recommended!), and rolling down the freeway, up canyons, along historic coastal highway 101 in a silver Honda Civic with a peace sign sticker on the rear window. Bopping down the coast from my serene home Shores to bohemian Topanga Canyon and finally, laid-back, youthful Ocean Beach, San Diego, many a thoughts entered the cerebrum spurred by much alone time coupled with chance meetings with others (I rarely plan much more than one event per day unless it is important for education, work, or an old friend visiting from far away…God’s magic doesn’t often happen on a schedule but rather, when we go with the flow unhurried with flexibility and ease).

Yesterday, I wrote about simplifying our lives. Here’s today’s big one, inspired by a talk with a mentor:

Clean slate.

He isn’t the same as that other guy. Just because he resembles him doesn’t mean he’ll hurt you like he did. Doesn’t mean he’ll love you like he did, either. He isn’t even the same as when he was sixteen, twenty-two, or thirty-six. And him over there? He isn’t the same guy he was a few months ago before he found out some terrible news. We simply cannot judge someone based on another’s actions, or even their own past.

Most of us grow, change, evolve. So, no expectations.

And me, you inquire? Gosh, I’m hardly the ‘me’ I was at sixteen, eighteen, twenty-two… before all this traveling stuff, life-learning stuff, this real stuff. Man, I’ve evolved. Less materialistic, less obsessed with perfection. No longer interested in impressing anybody but myself…which means doing what’s right because that’s what feels good…that’s what makes me sleep tight at night. Even the ‘me’ at twenty-five or twenty-six…I have to say, twenty-seven is so much better. More interested in what I can bring to the world’s table to help instead of what the world can do for me, or worse, what everyone else in the world thinks. Humbler. Some of ‘me’ from back then is still there of course: I still love my my simple beach walks. I still loathe itchy clothes, love cotton anything, and can live in a bikini during the summer, as I have since toddlerhood.

Bring on the Love. Self-love, romantic love, brotherly-sisterly love, devotional love. Authenticity.

Bring. it. on.

How can you choose your words, your actions,

more carefully in order to create the love / life you want?

How can you create your own clean slate?

peace, love, clean slates.

Beach Girl Abroad

p.s. keeping with this simplicity thing, I’m not editing this or adding photos. Just getting the thoughts out into the world. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Clean slate & cleaning up the love / life.

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  3. Thank you for posting these thoughts. There are parts of my slate that I need to clean, and much of what you said really resounded with where I am currently. After my own dating drama, this post was a nice reminder of my ongoing need to stay focused on my creativity and letting my heart lead me to the future I want.

    • Your comment couldn’t have come at a better time–after a date that came with some potential drama today–I’ve decided to let that guy go…especially now after re-reading this. Not worth disrupting the peace of a clean slate. Be peaceful, wwwessinger, and keep on keeping on with your focus and heart.

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