Hey Beach Girl Abroad, What’s a Vision Book?

What’s a vision book you ask? Why, it’s the method to the madness!

Imagine vision board, scrapbook, and personal goal setting fusion.


The vision-book idea was born as I gathered treasured mementos, photographs, and plane tickets collected in Asia as the year came to a close. In addition to memorabilia, I cut my vision board, made during the Artist’s Way course, into smaller pieces and glued ’em in. Last year, after introduced to personal goal setting during a brief stint at lululemon, I began adding 10-year plans envisioning my future. Yes, a 10 year plan, with goals in increments of one, five, and ten years.


Vision Boards, Inspirational Scribbles, and Plane Tickets to Exotic Locales


Set Personal Goals: One, Five, Ten Year Plans

Look back into your book every so often to stay on track, evaluate what is working (and what is not), and whenever you need an inspirational boost. Have fun, and don’t forget, visualizing a wild, crazy, beautiful life for yourself is wonderful, but perfection does not exist. Our imperfections are what make us gorgeous human beings, and sometimes our biggest failures end up our greatest lessons, which in turn, amount to our success. Have a vision of where you’re going, and remain flexible along the journey.


Always Include Mementos and Photographs with Dear Friends and Teachers


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