Maui, Hawaii: Paia and Hana

I popped over to Maui last Saturday evening after work. Without a ride to the airport on such short notice (flight booked that morning, about 5 minutes before heading out the door to work, threw a backpack of island necessities together for the 3-day stint), I chanced the Oahu bus to get me there (made it. thebus rocks!)  

travel light. 
Baldwin Beach, Paia, Maui

Letting go.  

Amy, my lovely Maui babe gal pal who just knows how to have fun (and also solid for a good Eckhart Tolle/Universe/”how this life works” talk 🙂, met me at Kahului airport. 

Adventures proceeded. 

cleansing old and new gemstones at Baldwin Beach
during a solo beach sesh:
labradorite,  carnelian, turquoise, quartz

The first day I hung out in Paia, Maui’s coolest little boho village while Amy works.  I’ve always felt right at home here. I beachcombed Baldwin Beach, took a swim, browsed the boutiques, met some friendly people, and of course, had lunch at Mana Foods (the BEST health food store ever). We spent a calm evening at the beach, acting like little kids till sunset. Let the joy begin.

On Monday morning, four of us packed up a cooler full of Mana goodies and set out for the Road to Hana.  I hadn’t done this since I was a little girl.  

Hana is just breathtaking.  

Halfway through the Seven Sacred Pools hike, I took off my Merrell barefoot shoes and truly went barefoot.  

The “squish squish” of the mud beneath my feet, the feel of every step, ahhh such freedom, such connection to nature.  

At the very end of the hike, the waterfall was at full force.  Most hikers kept their distance, but we crept up close.  I couldn’t help but feel magnetized towards the strength, the natural power of the fall.  I stood and inhaled the mist, lift my arms up towards the sky, closed my eyes, and just allowed nature’s/universe’s/God’s energy to sink in.  
nataranjasana/dancer’s pose at Seven Sacred Pools, Road to Hana

On my final day, Amy set me up with friend Matt to motorbike tour around the island.  I was unsure, as my way too careful self has never taken this step on the wild side via motorcycle (“Amy, are you sure?”).  

I took the leap and jumped on the bike.  

One word: exhilarating.

motorcycle tour of the westside with Matt:
Lahaina, Kaanapali, Napili, with a pitstop at raw vegan restaurant Choice.
being silly girls with guava.we had such a good time, amazing talks (one to be written about in a later post…),and some much, much needed FUN. 
Hana Farms Banana Bread
Matt, #1 Maui Tour Guide!
this Maui trip was pure soul food.



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