Lanikai Love, Gratitude, and Acting So Cool (Hafiz)

Aloha from a Beach Bum…hee hee

So much gratitude.
Gratitude for:
Treasured Friendships
Renewed Energy
Seeing beauty everywhere
Letting go.
Rediscovering passions.
Feeling playful and childlike
Learning about the metaphysical…
Trusting divine guidance.
Trusting and delving deeper into my own sensitive intuition and being guided towards alike others.
And so much more…
Looking back, connecting the dots…things really do just having their own way of “working out”.
Beautiful friendships
Soul sister Leslie and Me @ Lanikai Beach
Days and friends like these are the nectar of life.
And Acting So Cool
The whole world just got thick
Again with
And everywhere I look
Makes me feel very proud
That all the objects and creatures
Can remain looking
So poised
And acting so cool
While keeping the Great Secret
So well
And not blissfully shout
All day long the Reality
I Am –
I Am the Wine!
The whole universe just got stoned
Out of its mind again
On the Beauty
Of God.

~ Hafiz ~
Hawaii Nei (Beloved Hawaii…)

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