Deep Thought of the Day: Ego, get outta the way…

When we feel broken it’s because our ego is out of the way. This is actually what we strive for. 
~Nancy Szakacsy, LMFT
Another gem from California neighbor, Nancy.
Discussing our mutual experiences in the past year, regarding pain and heartache, deaths and tough break-ups, a wonderful quote came about.  It was definitely an”aha” moment for me.  So when we give up being perfect, and admit that, hey, I’m human, and I can hurt…it’s actually what we strive for?
2 thumbs up.  
As a legendary type-A perfectionist, coming into my mid-twenties as well as moving to Hawaii, has me re-thinking the need to be “on” all the time.
To finish all the work, get the straight A’s, to look a certain way, to get everything done.
Do what you can.
Drop the ego need to be perfect.
Let go.
Then, jump into the ocean.
Or a laugh, maybe even a cry, with a friend, or by yourself… just be.
It’s been all about “getting real”.  Trusting myself, my own intuition (Thanks, Jasmine and Leslie).
And you know what?
With the “getting real” has come true, genuine connection to my Oahu ohana (family in Hawaiian 🙂 and global ohana (Hi Mom and Dad, chingus (friends) in Korea, and California sisters).
So much love.
 Thanks, Nancy…

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