deep thoughts for the day

~deep thought(s) for the day~
enormous strength is found in admitting weakness.
getting tumbled by a few waves gets you outta your head and into the moment.
good friends near and far can pick up right where we left off.
the relationship with yourself is your most important relationship.
it sets the tone for every other relationship you’ll ever have.
sometimes doing yoga means taking a break from the mat for 2 weeks, maybe longer, and doing everything else that makes you tick.
hopefully to create some space to come back more fully into the practice, and in life.
and watching Disney movies every once in a while should be required.
goodnight honolulu.

2 thoughts on “deep thoughts for the day

  1. 🙂 ya sista! beauty and the beast was on abc family. and i vision-boarded during the commercials. wanna pop in lion king or jungle book and do the same one night? xo

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