Homes and pups

Going back through old pics…actually looking for some design inspiration for a potential new endeavor…came across this photo of my pup, Rio (who’s now hanging out with “Grandma” back in California.  Miss the lil’ guy, and miss you, Mom!) and my old room.  
After the economy tanked in 2008, my parents welcomed me into their home, allowing me to redesign a bedroom while I got my feet on the ground.  I worked hard to convert that room from a dark, cluttered space to a welcoming, light-filled, beach-themed bedroom.  How exciting it was to re-do that room…the painting, the shopping, finding deals at thrift stores, my arms feeling like jelly after hours of painting… Aww memory lane. 
My folks now use the space as a guestroom and extra workspace.

Fall 2009, with Rio cuddled up.  Right before leaving for Asia.  

p.s. I painted the sailboat painting in high school 😉

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