California Dreamin’ Turned Reality…

Did a little just for fun shoot last week with my talented, lovely, and one of my dearest friends Stacey Millett.
check her out @

Quoting Stace:”Best part of the day, was when the palapa collapsed on Elisa, and all I could see was her smiling-laughing face surrounded by palm fronds and sticks. This moment has been deposited forever in my bank of laughs”. When it rains palapas…it pours giggles. Amen 🙂
Okay, major shout out here:
Stacey is not only a world-class photographer, but she is an awesomely creative, and inspiring all around fabuloso person–when not out taking pretty amazing pictures of places, people, and delectable food, plus designing for her and soon-to-be hubby’s boutique graphic design businessshe’s endeavoring on even more creative pursuits, like home decor (especially with the color turquoise) and taking up sewing just for fun, and is always out n about enjoying the California sunshine, vino n cooking, dancing through life to the sound of folk tunes (and Shades of Day, hubby’s band), oh, and doling out amazing men advice (to you-know-who..)
Oh and p.s., she rocks as care-package-maker. Remember this? Ya…that was in Seoul, a far cry from the California dreamin’ that is the reality of today.  A Sunset postcard made in Ventura and some tunes from her boy, Rick O’Shay, who drums in one of Ventura’s finest bands, Shades of Day

So what else am I up to while I’m at it with this blog thing?  
Well, I’ve been on a bit of an internet/facebook detox for sure since Korea.  

There has been a lot of beachwalking, yoga-ing, tan-ning as it’s Spring, running round catching up with folks, a little try at surfing, and just a general trying to figure out where I fit in to this beautiful mess called life.  

Starting a pre-school yoga teaching thing this week, been subbing in for a couple local gyms.  Namaste.  

Oh, and btw, these men of Ventura are gorgeous!  Why did I not realize this so much before going abroad?  We really have some hotties.  Just going grocery shopping is like looking at a modeling agency’s catalog.

Ups, downs, reverse culture shock a bit (I’m really excited to talk to the Korean apple guy and his Mom every Sunday at the Farmer’s Market…”anyeong haseo”, every Sunday).  

Family, friends, Trader Joe’s, avocados, beach, Rio the family pup, feta and goat cheese, clean air, car, beach cruiser, the English language, I love you.  

🙂 ~ ❤ ~ peace