Lunar New Year: How I Spent My Stay-cation…

So I feel really boring.  This whole city life/30 degrees as-a-day-time-high thing is turning me into an indoor girl (as much as i’m fighting it with walks, hikes, etc whenever i can fit it in).

2.5 weeks to home.  So excited to get back to California and the beach.

Korea just celebrated Lunar New Year.

I had 5 days in a row off of “stay-cation”.  I made a list of all the Korean festivities I wanted to attend, museums to possibly visit, shopping to do…then…

I didn’t even leave my neighborhood.  

after nearly a year of the commute from hell, I stayed away from any buses and subways, and didn’t leave my ‘hood.  I watched hours of Grey’s Anatomy, a few movies, (and even a few episodes of Oprah), went on four hikes around Namsan Mountain (short walk from my place), made a few meals with friends, taught a yoga class at the local muay thai gym (AKA my saving grace during this final month!), and just plain rested.  There was even one day I didn’t leave my apartment.

I’ve been too apathetic to upload pictures.  (Sorry.  Basically it’s cold, some snow on the ground, I look the same (maybe a slight whiter shade of pale), and the sun is out most days which is cool.)

Loving teaching yoga.

Over the whole watching 4 year olds all day thing.  my patience is wearing pretty thin with that whole deal, 
(ask me again tomorrow, maybe you’ll hear a different story.  sometimes I love the preschool job.  and of course I’ll miss the kiddos, but man, 20 of them all day long…exhausting…)

ready to go home…


2 thoughts on “Lunar New Year: How I Spent My Stay-cation…

  1. gosh you are SO close to being home!!the high is 30 here also..and WINDY.we leave to barcelona this weekend and the weatherman says it will be in the 60s!!! I dont even remember what that feels like!

  2. so.close.ugh wind is the worst. we have sun so it's allll good. i was so moody when i wrote that post. barcelona! me encanta espana!!!! i spent 4 days in the balearic islands when i was 19–it is my fave place on the planet (besides home of course.)omg take sooo many pictures…i can't wait to hear/read about it.

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