beach girl goes home…t-3 weeks

so…beach girl won’t be abroad come 3 weeks.

this blog has really been an awesome outlet for me…my last couple posts will be about what i will and won’t miss about korea.  to wrap things up.  (and actually complete a project for once–us gemini’s, we always start and never finish our projects).

but in 3 weeks…it will be history.

so read up.  because proof of this [my] crazy journey, will become a little file on my mac.  to be viewed later as a personal reminder of 2010 in korea.

maybe ill start a “beach girl at home” blog.  focused on health, wellness, living well.  whatcha think?


3 thoughts on “beach girl goes home…t-3 weeks

  1. three weeks…oh my goodness. It does seem like time went by quickly…i remember your very first post..seriously..i proud of your girly for making it a whole year! you are my hero ! 🙂

  2. ditto girlfriend! it won't be long before exchanging stories about those "good old days abroad" while basking in malibu sunshine over avocado salads. and aw, you are my hero, too…doing all this while doing neuro-psycho-whoa…amazing girl 😉

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