be good to yourself.

be good to yourself, that’s what it’s all about.

  • This was something I said during the final savasana of the 4th or so yoga class I’d ever taught (Monday night :).  I saw it pop up 2 days later on my facebook feed, who had taken that class.  so i reply…

    • Elisa Jennifer Lipton hee love it! thanks again for coming the other night

    • and she says… i guess i should have quoted you here…..thanks for the words of encouragement and helping us balance during this tough month..

      and i say…

      ha no quote necessary, i’m flattered!! yoga and the above type of thinking is getting me through this last leg too 🙂

      It’s true.  Yoga + positive thinking+ taking care and being nice to myself has made all the difference in how I felt this time last year (trudging thru the mud, pretty confused, wanting to be “anywhere but here”) to now (feeling pretty solid in my decisions, pretty happy with how i’m spending time and making decisions, back to doing cartwheels and handstands in any open space…ya know…)  The above has changed my whole experience in the past year, and I’ve really grown a lot.  
      And now, to get this positive feedback, to realize that my words are helping people, wow.  It was just something that came out of my mouth, not pre-planned or anything.  I’m just so happy.  exuberant.  I love this.

      be nice to yourself.  if you are nice to yourself first, you’re probably a heck of a lot nicer and less judgmental of others, too.

      om.  🙂

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