treinte y cinco dias hasta…(35 days until…)

35 day countdown!

and it’s already bikini, flipflops, short shorts weather back home in California (yes, in January…this is NOT normal, the weather is so laughing at me right now).  It’s about 25 degrees as a high in seoul, about 4 or 5 as a low.  

I’m forcing myself to not be lazy, get outside, get fresh air…bundle up and take walks…teaching yoga as a nice warming flow rather than a slowish class…of course, in the vain fear that my body will turn to mush within the next 5 weeks and I will, heaven forbid, disappoint my 50 or so swimsuits, surfboard, and eternal springtime California wardrobe waiting in storage, that all have patiently waited for me the past year.  Past year! It’s been a year, holy crap.  

Seoul, it’s been fun, it’ll be bittersweet…but I must bid you adeiu shortly.  

Dad wrote: 
there is a special ticket, for a special seat, on a special plane, waiting to take you home.


2 thoughts on “treinte y cinco dias hasta…(35 days until…)

  1. hoooooommmmmmmeeeeeeee. sigh. What the heck california weather?! It is doing it just to taunt me…i know it.psyou are straight up loony tunes if you think your tiny little body will EVER go to mush.Kiss california for me.

  2. it's taunting us both. oh believe me i will kiss california for us both, eat double the avocados till you return, you know…and, hey, working at kindie=many birthday cakes around, meaning the probability of mush has exponentially increased this year. self-control and bringing my own snacks has been key…speaking of which…working on an upcoming post on wellness tips. i might turn this thing into a wellness lifestyle blog..whattdya think?

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