during my trip to thailand, i read something that i think’ll change me forever…thought id post it here so that a) i could share it with whoever happens to read, and 2) as a reminder to myself.  i used to think my (extremely) independent streak was my strength; now it’s becoming more and more clear that it is, in fact, my weakness (at least sometimes).  connection trumps independence.  inter-dependence (not codependence!) is where it’s at.  it’s becoming more and more clear to me that you can’t do it all by yourself, nor are we meant to.  

 it was in dr. weil’s book “8 weeks to optimum health”…he’s a famous integrative MD, and it was in the library at sanctuary’s wellness center.  i was just taking a flip through while i sipped on tea and swung in a hammock, and one chapter was on connection.  to paraphrase:

“you can eat all the broccoli and salmon you want, take your omega 3’s and b vitamins, walk and do your breathing exercises everyday, but without connection, you cannot be a healthy person“.  

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