detox rocks

so during my vacay on koh phangan, which was 11 days total (including 2 days of travel), i partook (is that a word?)  in a 3 day detox/fast program.  

i’d never attempted anything like this before, as i’m more of the “eat every 2-3 hours” type rather than fast…and, as a lot of you know, i’ve had my “food issues”.  getting over it, but man, i’m scarred from a doctor telling me, when i was 9 years old,

“elisa, you have high cholesterol and need to lose 14 pounds”.  

that was when my interest in health and nutrition was sparked, which at times has turned into an unhealthy obsession, which was further pushed over the edge during my modeling years, when at one point i was too scared to eat even tomatoes because of the carbohydrate content.  i swear i was living off sugar free jell-o, diet sodas, and low carb yogurts…fake chemicals galore.  anyways, i’m a ton better now.   eating way more of a balanced diet…not perfect, but really good.  i’m always going to be interested in health as it’s my passion, and i enjoy eating whole foods like veggies, fruits, fish, chicken, steak, legumes, grains.  i’ve relaxed a lot and realized everything is good in moderation including cheese, wine, chocolate, cheesecake! just no more fake chemicals ever again!

anyways, along with the better diet thing comes the mental thing…you know, accepting yourself, loving yourself stuff you hear about.  after smashing my scale last summer, i’ve definitely made huge strides towards having a healthy relationship with food and being happy with my body.  so i feel stronger and more positive about food instead of anxious like i used to be.  good stuff.

to get to the point, i felt strong enough to do a short detox program that i’ve heard soooo many good things about.  and it came at the perfect time as we’d all been overindulging at bit during the holidays…leaving me feeling groggy, foggy, unhealthy, unmotivated…toxic.

enjoying coconut juice during the detox (yup, those are “allowed”) from the lovely lil hut at bamboo huts restaurant

i won’t describe the nitty gritty details…but let’s just say after 3 days of high fiber psyllium and clay shakes, fresh juices, vegetable broth, lots of coconut juice, 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions (ya…), 3 amazing spa treatments, 3 yoga classes, i felt like someone had pushed my “reset” button! (during the fast i’ll admit i was one grumpy elisa).  I took the rest of my vacation to enjoy the amazing food on the island, swim, have more massages, take more yoga classes, take walks through the jungle, and get to know some of the amazing people surrounding me (i met some amazing fellow fasters staying in the “detox” dorm with me).  a big bonus was, of course, the higher energy post-fast, which I credit towards an enhanced ability to absorb nutrients by the intestine (this is still going a week later in Korea, a highly increased awareness and appreciation of my food, AND having the rare opportunity to be sensitive enough when reintroducing food to discover what substances do/don’t agree with my system.  dairy:  just fine; pineapple and mango: a little rough on my tummy 🙂  i have a whole new opinion on detox/fasting and it’s way more positive than before, when all i’d relate it to is “food issues”…it’s way beyond food, like i said before, i liken it to a “reset button”!

fresh salmon a few days post-fast…i was craving this like mad–love how in tune i felt with my body like never before…

the “salad from heaven”: feta, dates, cashews, apples.  this was breakfast a couple days post-fast and def serves as inspiration for a well rounded salad to make at home!

~sunrise and shine!~

3 thoughts on “detox rocks

  1. heehee i read your comment over eggs and smoked cheese, (yep got my hands on some here). i'm so happy you found USA bacon/streaky bacon across the pond, wasn't that your like #2 worry besides Bear? 🙂

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