okay, today was a better day than yesterday (whew).  got a lot more shut eye last night, took myself out to a proper meal at the new organic salad/breads place that i found in the basement of shinsegae dept store (called Daylesford Organic, an English import), and made some positive actions like starting to pack my summer clothes into a suitcase to ship home.  i guess it’s reverse culture/city shock coming back from such a dream-like place like thai islands.

i’m noticing myself having tons more patience w/ the kids, just relaxing with them really…not taking anything too seriously.  the korean school pushes us to make them study, but come on, they are 3 and 4, really…come on.  the poor kiddos only have one week for vacations, hardly enough time to process all the info theyve been learning like phonics and math.  so during my afterschool storytelling class today, with eight 3 and 4 year olds, i did a whole 1/2 hour of yoga.  yup, led the little ones thru surya namaskar A (sun salutation A), complete with wagging tails (toes pointed in the air), downward facing barking doggies, cats and cows saying meow and moo, had them sit in hero pose and do lion’s breath (open mouth, proceed to stick out tongue, and make loud noise while breathing out…lions breath), and we ended with happy baby.  let me tell you we were all laughing, some kids so loud i had to shush them down so we could keep going without getting caught!  after the impromptu sequence, naturally, all 8 fell into savasana without me even telling them.  what little yogis.  then it was snacktime and we did some coloring.  and that was my afterschool class today…full of joy and laughter (shhh dont tell the school…)


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