student o’ life

just wrote this in an email and thought it travel bloggable:
“everytime i go away [from korea] i realize how much i fucking hate this place.  [because the longer i’m here, the more i forget/go into denial/shop my pain away at the underground markets]
you know, the friends have really made it good (i suppose that is anywhere).  
thailand was amazing.  finally got to breathe again.  took about 5 days before “elisa” came know, the person capable of a conversation, the person who actually likes other people.  
for 5 days i wasn’t alive yet, it was “leave me alone, let me be quiet with my book/ipod “elisa”…which SUCKS because there was a really good new years party that i missed out on.  dancing and a big fire.  i slept instead.   what a waste.  but for the next couple days it was a good time and made up for it.    
every time i go on these trips i realize something profound…usually something youve already told me, but i couldnt embody it till now.  this time, i realized i need to be a student for a while.  stop trying to be the teacher.  be a student of life.  listen.  so thats what 2011 is going to be about.  being a student of life, being open.  and the second i started doing that, magical things started happening…like an older couple invited me to join their speedboat back to the mainland before my flight so i wouldnt have to take the crowded ferry from the crowded port (a blessing), i learned a tibetan yoga sequence from another older woman in my dorm, and made a lifelong friend.  amazing.”
so here’s to 2011: year of learning.  elisa as student.  elisa listening.  

how to put it to use, since by profession, right now, i am a teacher?!

*so i’m a preschool teacher for 2 more months; what can i learn from the kids?

*i’ve signed up to teach yoga 3x a week for a month (subbing while another teacher is away)…what can i learn from these students?  learn to observe others doing yoga?  learn patience?  learn to cater to different levels?
hmmmm… got anything to teach me? 

2 thoughts on “student o’ life

  1. love this. Your first sentence was brilliant. I appreciated the makes me feel better when I think I hate it here and want to go home…but you also make me appreciate why I am absorb all of the moments..good and bad..and allow those moments to teach me..and wouldn't ya know..i actually am a student here..freaking neuroscience…why on earth did i do this to myself..

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