From Koh Samui Airport…Tear, Tear…

11 days since I left Seoul for the impromptu island getaway…and man, oh, man…sitting at the airport in Koh Samui right now and let me tell you, I had tears, yes, TEARS in my eyes just at the thought of going back to freezing cold, landlocked Seoul…my window-less apartment…the packed subway commute…pollution…ya, I was feeling really sorry for myself.

Then I thought of my friends and knocked it off, realized there is only 8 weeks left to go (I know it’ll be bittersweet). And then the thought, “Elisa, just hang on to this happiness…share it…just hang on to it“…came into my head and you know what?  Okay.  things are good!

I feel like someone hit my “reset button”!  Got my mojo back. Just like the last Thai beach trip, realized that the pace of city life is slowly but surely sucking my energy a bit dry. Not to be a whiner or anything, but seriously, it took me a full week to recover from Korea during this trip…with the final few days of feeling on top of the world.
Feel like my bubbly and adventurous self again after some serious R + R.  I kept telling the staff they gave me my mojo back!

This trip was so amazing. I met the most amazing people, a couple of which i know I’ll be seeing again, true soul sisters. I did a 3 day detox program then indulged in the most nourishing healthy food. Sanctuary’s staff monitors you closely when re-integrating food, starting off with solely fruit the first day, adding raw veggies the next day, then some protein by the third and fourth day. My body feels like a fine tuned machine, fully able to absorb nutrients. The detox package included so many spa treatments I can’t even count, plus yoga. I swam, took walks through the jungle and beach, just lived abundantly.

I’m so happy and grateful for this trip.
Part of me doesn’t wanna get on this airplane, but I’m ready to get back to Seoul, my friends, and my new part-time job teaching YOGA!


One thought on “From Koh Samui Airport…Tear, Tear…

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