thailand again!

ixnay on the last comment bout staying in seoul to sit still for the week of vacation…back to the beaches of koh phangan i go….yayyyyy!  after all, didn’t i decide to leave my life in california for the year in favor of an adventure?  didn’t i sign up for travel travel and more travel?

here’s to living abundantly.  and believing that the universe will take care of me if i allow myself some treats.  been working tooooo hard to not give myself this…

make all you can, save all you can, give all you can, live all you can.

alright, gotta go pack!
thank goodness didnt ship my summer clothes home yet!  horror of horrors that would be~

stay tuned…this beach girl is goin abroad!


2 thoughts on “thailand again!

  1. Way to Go. We just booked flights to spain and at first my inner half jew and realist cringed at the idea of spending (very little) money on another trip after we just got back from poland and germany…BUT like you..realized..wait a minute? We are in EUROPE…when are we going to be here again for an entire year?? Prob never. SO we need to take advantage of the 40 pound round trip for two to Barcelona and indulge in our great escape…and fit some studying in there as well of course…maybe. 😉

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