Do Good, Feel Good.

Do Good, Feel Good.

Do Bad, Feel Bad.

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all I have to say right now is I’m learning so much via this one-two double-whammy of yoga philosophy plus a comprehensive review of everything I learned in pre-school by means of teaching it now (ya, it’s true, you learn everything you need to know by age 5.  then the other stuff like math and science takes up space in your brain, and we forget how to treat each other, and ourselves)  

A few lil discoveries I’ve made lately…

*Do a good job at whatever your doing, even if it’s boring.  You’ll feel better about yourself in the end.  

*3 hugs a day, that’s the minimum. (not the maximum). these are the lyrics to one of the songs we teach the kiddos 🙂

*everybody has music inside.  (also song lyrics :~

*Replace negative thoughts with good ones or a positive action.  
Good stuff (thanks Katie H, you are a rockstar).  Takes a while (at least for me!) to develop this awareness but once you get quiet enough to figure out what the hell you are thinking, it’s pretty fun to “catch” thoughts and press the “cancel button” (ya Alicia foreva friend, u told me this a year ago, but it took a year to cultivate 🙂

*bad habits = comfort = blocks, in your creativity and in your life.
*new good habits = scary = growth.

*if all else fails, go be quiet somewhere for a little while.  give yourself permission to do nada.

A lesson I taught today: 

“swans, how do we make friends who are sad feel better?”

“share toys”

“swans, if we like Anasha’s coloring, what do we do?”

“say Anasha, we like your picture!!!”

“swans, if we don’t like Anasha’s drawing, what do we do with our words?”

“keep them inside!!!!”  


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