cute things that 4 year old kids say

recently, my 3 and 4 year olds (5 year old “korean age”) have started using english phrases.  yay!

i’m gonna compile some fun things they say here:

“elisa teacher, you’re my sunshine” (awwwwwwww!) ~seraphina

“what’s the korean word for ‘sandwich'”~me
“hamburger!” ~seraphina, evan, chris, anasha, nate, jenny, in unison during my weds afterschool class.

“evan, sharing no” (“evan’s not sharing”)~ many children in swan class say this.  evan is greedy with the blocks.  

“peepee yes” (“i went peepee”)

“elisa teacher pretty” (i like this one, especially when i’ve been rolling out of bed, throwing my hair into some kind of messy bun or braid, wear my Tom’s with funny colorful korean socks, haven’t used mascara since june, and haven’t touched a razor since thailand…at least the kids think i’m pretty, ha!)

“elisa teacher, rice no?” (whatever kid sits next to me at lunch points this out.  no, i refuse to eat white rice devoid of nutritional value and high on the glycemic index.  i’m just not going there).

“elisa teacher, kimchi no?” (no.  it rots your teeth.)

“elisa teacher, hair” (“i want to play with your hair”; i love to let them play with my hair during playtime, its like being preened if i was a mommy monkey if that makes any sense.)

“elisa teacher, nose kiss”~nate, who always tries to kiss my lips. the little politician.  so i taught him nose kiss instead.  way cute. 

“elisa teacher, lipstick me?” (i share my lipgloss with the kids sometimes, putting some on my finger and giving it to them. it’s cute to see their lips pink and glossy.  it’s funny that the boys are still so little that they love it, too).

“elisa teacher, so many gim”  (when there is yummy seaweed at lunch, called “gim” in korea, i load up on it.  no shame!).

more to come!!!

“evan what do you want to be when you grow up?”-me
“taxi driver”-evan

ohhh man.


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