i miss my dog.

and avocados.

and fresh air.  

i miss my old job at the rehab.  

and my famous sugar-free cranberry sauce that i like to make this time of year with stevia from trader joe’s.

i want a big fat salad from Nature’s Grill.

i want to meet up with friends for winetasting downtown.

actually, just seeing the fun-ness of $2 charles shaw would give me a lil smile.  

i wanna make something for a pitch-in dinner gathering.

i wanna sing karaoke at golden china tonight.

making the drive down PCH to santa monica for some power yoga would be just dandy.  

i’d like an inside out roll from i love sushi.  

i want to wander the isles of Ralph’s.

i wanna meander through CVS.

i miss the ocean breeze.

i wanna walk down the beach with Mom.  today. 

i want to take rio to the arroyo verde dog park this saturday morning.

see some live music on main later on in the eve.

then sunday morning farmer’s market would be nice.

i would love to get lost in the downtown ventura thrift shops…maybe find a piece of furniture to breath some beach cottage life into…

i want to understand the writing and language spoken around me.  

i would really like to be at home.

that’s what i’d like today.  just today. and that’s okay.  


2 thoughts on “today…

  1. that is okay. homesickness means you have a place where you belong and that belongs to you…and I don't think there is anything wrong with that…and I dont think anyone else would disagree. Imagine not having that home in the first place..or not having a place to miss..or a place to get to go back to…what a gift we have..this whole homesickness thing. 🙂 You are brave.

  2. 🙂 homesickness is totally a gift. i never looked at it that way. thank you. braveness is reflected in you and your london journey, and brave enough to be bloggin to tell all about it 🙂

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