Oh the leaves, they are a-change-in…(and i’m tryin to change my tune :)

not trying to deny my feelings about being ready for this time in k-land to be winding down.
because that would be against the whole ahimsa AND satya thing 
(non-violence towards self and others (hello, gotta let  out the feelings),  AND honestly, with oneself and others (im not gonna sit here and lie to you and to me and pretend that korea is all rainbows and butterflies…it has its pros and cons like anything…ANYWAYS….)

but i wanna be happy anywhere.  including where i’m at today.  
so, getting past the feelings of missing the lil things at home like trader joe’s, 
and the big things, like the support of my amazing fam and friends and rio the paperanian…

maybe the phase of culture shock that is: “wow, life is such an adventure…i’m in freakin asia” mode is over and done with.  perhaps real life has settled in?  
(hey, i work 40 hours a week with screaming but very cute 4 years olds, wiping butts while simultaneously expected to be teaching these kids bookwork!, doing my best to remain calm and avoid yelling, eating in a loud cafeteria with them, breaking up toy battles over so and so who’s not sharing, and with only one week off for an island adventure since last march.  so…)

so, i’ve been finding comfort and creativity in taking photographs of daily life over here in South Korea.

one thing that’s awesome here is the change of seasons…so here’s my lil ode to that…a day in the life…

and here’s to changin my tune about where I’ll be for 5 more months 🙂  
hee hee a tune to change my tune…

(sing to the tune of “the times they are a changin” by bob dylan)

come gather round people,  wherever you roam…

and admit that the weather round you has shown…

and accept that soon enough you’ll be chilled to the bone…

if you’re time to you if worth living…

you better enjoy it now, or you’ll regret it when snowed in at home…

Ohhh the leaves, they are a-change-in….

yup, it’s Fall.  The changing of the seasons seemed to happen in a week.  One day i was wearing shorts, now it’s sweaters.  I happen to be enjoying this, the summer just got tooooo hot in the city. Been getting the most out of sunshine filled days, some hikes up the nearby Namsan mountain, liking the change in nature all around.

and street food apparently gets much better this time of year…

these should be illegal.  waffle batter + sweet red bean paste + cream cheese.  in a fishy shape for some reason.
a once in a while treat.
chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

and Fall flowers are really pretty 🙂

that’s all folks.


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