Fireworks at Yeouido

Right where the yoga studio is at (Yeoinaru section of Hangang Park), there just happened to be a fireworks show last Saturday!

Korea puts on a massive fireworks show every October–for no other reason than fireworks are awesome and pretty!

Only about a zillion people were out for this event…along with tons of vendors selling stuff like hello kitty blankets to squid.

So, after yoga class, Dawn n Derek (D & D) secured us a spot, complete with snacks and a bottle of vino, and myself and another couple came down and met them…

D & D~thanks for holding down the fort while I took a much needed jimjilbang sesh post yoges. 

friend christy and tom joined in~bringing more snacks and some mageolli

this was fourth of july in october 🙂

it was the longest fireworks i’ve ever seen–an entire hour!  it was phenomenal.

After the fireworks, we headed back to our neck of the ‘hood, through the packed subways, 
singing Journey songs at the top of our lungs..
not sure how all this came about…
but it was fun, 
and I felt joy and a renewed sense of happiness about my life here in Seoul… 
happy heart 🙂

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