Indoor Shoes…

these are acceptable work shoes in Korea.

when entering all homes, some restaurants, and some businesses, you are required to remove your shoes.

i’ve never worn shoes in my apartment.
there’s a special cabinet just for shoes by my door.
the kids change their shoes every day at school, and take them home every friday to wash them.
it does keep things pretty clean. and i think i’ll adopt this practice back in california.

for the last 7 months, i changed into my ballerina flats that had never seen outside streets from whatever street shoes i was wearing every morning at school.   wanting to look cute in my outfits, naturally…(how silly of me).  my foreigner coworkers all do the same…have a pair of basically what would be “outdoor shoes”, like Tom’s, or Croc’s…but some Korean teachers have these awesome comfy slides…soooo

 the other morning, i thought what the hell, when else ever am i gonna be able to wear what are basically considered “shower shoes” back home, to work?!  with socks?! (korea has the best socks, sold for 50 cents on every street corner, btw).

ahhh, work suddenly feels a bit more…home-y.  and comfy.  


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