eat, pray, love

Saw “eat pray love” last night.  Glad a friend bought me that ticket…as I’ve been so busy/cheapskate to treat myself to a movie since I’ve been in Seoul!  

I’d read (most of) the book 2 years ago when i was living in santa monica.
 the movie was aweeesome

the movie was so appropriate for the journey im on right now…  and even more inspiration to go to Bali for a trip–(or perhaps a certain Yoga Teacher Training happening there next May).  Liz, the main character, takes a soul seeking journey for love and happiness–eating in Italy, praying at an ashram in India, and just when she finally “gets her balance” being on her own, she finds some sweet love in Bali. But does she choose balance or love? how do the 2 work in synch? my lips are zipped–i’m not giving away the ending…


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