Sunset Hiking to N Seoul Tower

After hanging with these rugrats all day…

if i conserve my energy enough…fuel up on the right snacks…time the subway ride home perfectly…

I can do this!

hike up to Seoul tower~a 30 minute hike up Mt. Namsan from my lil apartment.

people leave locks up at seoul tower.  i had fun peeking at the ones i could read.  isn’t this sweet? i hope miko and her  partner are having an amazing life together ❤

walk up…through nature…the sounds of the city go away…

“when the lights go down in the city, and the mooooon shines on the Hannnnnnn”  

pretttttty.  needed.  sunsets fill the spirit.

how thoughtful of the city of Seoul to light up the path back to the ‘hood.


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