commute from hell.

not even going to try and sugarcoat this anymore. no post subway AM walk along yangjae stream can even make up for this one. this is picture proof of the commute from hell.

every morning at 8am,
i push past hoards of people, secure my little corner of the subway standing near the handicapped seats which are at the end of each car, and face the connector door thingy. listening to my ipod, i focus on the music and pretend i’m far, far away; all the while most being squished between the body heat of other random human beings trying to make their way in this crazy money-driven rat race. looking around, these people are so exhausted, all have black undereye circles, most who had the random luck of actually getting a seat are nodding off. this society is exhausting and exhausted.
i miss my car. i miss the concept of a “personal bubble”. i’m trying to carry an inner happiness with me even to the subway, but man, this is trying. hey, this is what i signed up for…or didn’t really know i was signing up for, i suppose.
and this is what you get for $1 AM commute and living in one of the most crowded cities in the world.

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