if i can be happy in Seoul…

If I can be happy, landlocked, far away from the fam, the friends, the Rio…

…trading my AM beachwalks for squished 40 minute commutes against many warm bods in a sardine can of a subway…((usb isnt workin for the camera…so picture proof of that subway commute to come sooner or later)

then I can be happy anywhere.  

Santosha what what.  ya, i clung to that concept pretty tightly.  it’s good stuff.  

Okay, now that that  little inner discovery has been checked off the list, ready to get back to my “real” life now.  

I know I know…be present…but c’mon…gimme some credit for making this little forward push of wisdom.  but for real, get back to the now, because when korea is over, i’m sure i’ll miss it here, just a little bit, too. 
kimchi rots your teeth.  but still, kisses de kimchi.  abrazos y besos como bimbimbap, gojujang, y doenjang.  


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