fall is in the air.  which means PUMPKIN cravings for me.  i will eat this stuff out of the can (ya libby’s for making unsweetened, pure pumpkin).  i love it so much.  fiber, vitamin A, versatile…mmm.
luckily, tonight i didn’t have to resort to a can…but fresh, fresh amazingness.  

tonight busted out the plug-in stove top (it was hidden in my closet) to make my first cooked meal in months.  seriously, since March.  That’s 5 months if anyone’s counting.

picked up a baby pumpkin at the produce stand across the streamed, steamed that sucker, and mashed it up–skin, seeds, and all it’s goodness–with some fresh nigari dubu and flax seeds.  the flesh is so full of bright orange vitamin A goodness that it almost hurts to look at.  

Kabocha Squash…yep I went on a google hunt for this baby.

protein, fiber, omega 3’s.  

although i’ve been eating a big percentage of my diet as raw as can be all spring and summer long, in Ayurveda, it is recommended to begin eating hearty winter squash such as (cooked) pumpkin as the weather shifts from warm to cool.  

it was a nice mushy, warm dinner (did i mention i went to the dentist earlier? no? well i did.  bleh.) and it will make the perfect lunch for tomorrow’s yoga saturday…maybe pack some sliced cucumbers and eat it like a dip.  

excellent friday night in.  


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