morning thoughts

just a lil AM ramble before i get ready for work…thoughts that occur during a week of “reading deprivation”…you really do get more inside your own head..

so i was thinking…i’ve accomplished quite a bit here in k-land…

*headstand (wooooohoo)
*reading hangul
*making my very first solo apartment just how i want it to be. a haven.
*pretty much eating raw 99% of time at home. the plug in stovetop rests somewhere deep inside my closet.
*making peace with crowds. (but i’ll be stoked to be back to my big wide oxnard shores beach, where at 7am, it’s just me, my doggie, sand, and the sea)
*doing more yoga than ever AND on my own. pat on back to me.
*being really nice to myself.
*writing more han ever.
*figuring out stuff more than ever.
*being insprired, and in turn, passing it on and inspiring others, (i hope)
*looking at my life from a new perspective.

*tossing the evil scale.  what what.
*an even greater appreciation for my amazing family. (time and distance only make the heart grow fonder).
*just perspective in general.
*not just coming here for teaching, but got to learn yoga and reiki. great tools for the future, professionally and personally.
*met some amazing people. will inevitably meet some more good folks.
*learned to be selective: with people, thoughts, the material world…and so on…
*new hobby: u-k-u-l-e-l-e.
*being so busy that i’ve forgotten to get a hair cut. mermaid hair is pretty cool. can’t even imagine how long it’ll be in another 6 mos.
*the art of kombucha brewing.
*learning that i actually like myself a lot better only slightly buzzed, after that, well, i kinda suck. give me only 1 cup of maggeoli or keep me sober. any more than that and i’m done and can’t hold a convo. no good. when did my tolerance get so damn low???
*learning , really learning, that i appreciate my free time way more than money/AKA i’m not meant to be rich and/or greedy (just say no to private lessons).
*seeing dear amigas come in and out of my life in the past 6 mos has given me a crash course in appreciating the good ones, and keeping them close while we are here.  wearing their clothes they left behind is an everyday reminder of goodness, and my apartment that was now spartan is lovingly furnished with all kinds of cozy blankets, pillows, and housewares passed along.  this warms my heart. i will do the same and pass on the love when i leave.


4 thoughts on “morning thoughts

  1. Love this post. Being nice to yourself, ukulele learning, kombucha brewing, your haven, learning, inspiring… What a fantastic year!!!! You are amazing. I am going to take in some of theses practices into my life.

  2. 🙂 it's a day to day struggle but it's helping to dwell on positive stuff, esp as this darn homesickness kicks in. i'm trying! glad to inspire…you are likewise amazing homegirl~hugs and hugs

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