Weather in Korea…I love wearing Blue Jeans.

I never EVER thought I’d welcome the Fall.  
I packed away all but my feather-iest, lightest clothes about mid-June.  I haven’t thought about wearing jeans for months.

But the last few weeks have been so sticky hot that it’s been unbearable.  I’ve never experienced it before.  Heat (90 degrees-ish)  + Humidity= no fun unless you’re near a large body of h2o.
I’d been travelling for most of the weekends of the summer, so I didn’t really notice it during the weekdays spent in air-con schoolrooms.  But lately, man!!  It’s even uncomfortable at night.  

Today the forecast said high of only 75 degrees.  I am STOKED to be wearing my jeans!  I missed them.  Good trusty old pair of True Religions I’ve had for about 3 years.  

I was a little worried they wouldn’t fit after the summer’s indulgences: Thai food in Thai land, Patbingsu (see below), lots of yummy Korean fruits, large Korean meals of many courses, and general sampling of whatever Korea and Thailand had to culinarily offer me  with reckless abandon.  And after the scale beat up sesh a month-ish ago, I haven’t kept any track whatsoever.  Uh ohh…

patbingsu amazingness (from wikipedia)

But nope, the trusty jeans slipped right on.  I love jeans!  They are so versatile.  Today worn rolled up, with my white Tom’s, and a bright yellow hippie top with a little bow that I picked up at the thrift shop.  Comfy, classic.  Amazing.  

Fall is gonna be good.  Bring on the seasons.  At least Fall…I dunno about Mr. Winter…

a good pic of the fave jeans, with my lil munchkin Rio who I miss dearly~ (thanks Lacey, if you see this, totally stole this off your facebook 🙂


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