The Artist’s Way

5 weeks ago, at the suggestion of a good friend (holllllla Jen!), I began a course called “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” by Julia Cameron.  

The course is in book form–well it’s a book but I’m thinking of it as course because you do the reading for one chapter each week, then have a bunch of tasks to complete at the end of each chapter which include anything from amazing and introspective writing exercises (like writing a letter from your 80 year old self to your 24 year old self giving advice and inspiration…loved that!) to dumping an old outfit that makes you feel like crap each time it’s worn (why didn’t I think of that?!).  

Each morning I’m waking up a half hour earlier to do 3 pages of “Morning Pages” (awesome), and I’m assigned to take myself out on an “Artist’s Date” to “fill the well” for inspiration (I already love solo exploring, so I especially enjoy this part!)

It’s pretty cool.  

Each week focuses on a different area:

“Recovering a sense of… 

Faith” .  

In my own words and opinion, the book/course is a self-guided, introspective, tour of yourself.  Very therapeutic!  It’s a 12 week book, but there was one week where I felt I slacked so I stayed on that chapter for 2 weeks.  So I plan to be done round end of October, but will keep up morning pages and Artist Dates FOR SURE!

So, I’m on week 4 and one of my assignments is “reading deprivation”.  The goal is to not let other people’s “stuff” crowd your mind, allowing your own true self and creativity to shine through.  I’m taking this to mean no reading books and news, as well as keeping up with the blogs I follow and the Facebook feed that sucks me in from time to time (okay, fine, at least once a day.  i’m a sucker).  I’m not going to deprive myself of e-mail or Facebook all together, as that’s my connection to home and social stuff here in Korea, but I’m gonna limit it and see what happens.  Today’s the first day of no reading…so we’ll see how it goes.

My list of alternatives to reading:


Write in the journ
Write my grad school application essays


Do some yoges
Practice the uke (which I’ve been a little neglectful, with all this Artist’s Way stuff)
Go on my “Artist’s Date” (the required solo excursion once a week to “fill the well [of inspiration]”
Call a friend
Go for a walk
Make some artwork with paints, pastels, clippings
Clean the house
    Do some dishes
    Clean out the closet
    Scrub the bathroom
take a really long shower
give myself a manicure and pedicure (it’s been a while)
sit and think
sit and not think…meditate some more
Chop some veggies
Bottle that kombucha
purge unnecessary stuff in the apartment
make a gratitude list

This sounds like a recipe to get caught up in “Elisa world”, but hey, gotta go with the program

Hmm…I’m already pondering the morals of cheating (I’m on the last chapter of She’s Come Undone, an amazing novel, and I have some reading for yoga teacher’s training to catch up on) in the meantime, think I’ll blog some more, play some ukulele, do some yoges, call a friend for a walk, maybe get around to sweeping the floor and doing the dishes and laundry…


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