Green Korea 2010 (+ Bus Explosion)

On a random sunny Sunday a few weeks ago, I stumbled on a pretty darn cool thing.

Green Korea!

Guess Korea is trying to clean up it’s polluted act by going Green.  Sweeeet.  There’s a whole museum type expo going on in Downtown Seoul dedicated to it.

I had some fun lighting up a lightbulb with just the energy my body produces…

and learned a whole lot about new developments in Green transportation, housing, etc…and how the K-government is supporting alternative transportation like riding bikes to work and school by creating more bike paths.  This is good stuff!

simulating real bike riding…this shows Seoulite’s where all the bike paths in Seoul are (out of the PC Bang (translation: video game room, latenight hangout for many young Koreans), and into the real world and nature, yay!)
geothermal heating and cooling = very cool idea
A 3D graph showing Korea’s projected decrease in reliance on fossil fuels projected from now-2030
I’m quite happy that this place is cleaning up it’s act.  I’ve been blessed to have spent my life breathing pretty clean air (despite LA traffic…the smog in LA has nothing on Korea’s Yellow Dust, and a deep breath in Ventura is just pure, clean air).  I never appreciated clean air so much as I do now.
Actually, my first impression of this place was, “gee, I want to hose this place off”.  In the city, everything just looks as if there is a layer of filth.  You can see it down to Korean’s pores…this place’s air is DIRTY.

Oddly enough, coincidence, I picked up a newspaper on Tuesday and on the front page…one of these Green bus’s fuel tanks blew up on Monday, severely injuring many passengers, and leaving one 27 year old woman without feet (this tidbit made me nauseous, imagine one second, going about your day, walking to the bus to go home from work, only to get off that same bus never to walk on those feet again–puts things into perspective and makes one grateful for their working body).  Guess going Green still has some work to do…technology is not perfect…yet.

Reading this I was shocked and got the same icky feeling that came over me when I had been at King’s Cross Station in London just 12 hours before the terrorist bombings in 2005.  Same icky icky feeling, but just as in London during that Summer of ’05, “carry on” is the mentality here in Korea, and there are no empty buses in sight.

from the Joonang Daily

The intra-city bus #241B exploded near Haengdang station in Seongdong district, Seoul yesterday around 4:55 p.m[Monday]. The police speculate that the compressed natural gas in one of its seven tanks at the bottom of the bus exploded due to the heat wave. 17 passengers and pedestrians were injured. [Yonhap]

Anyways…good intentions, some scary news…more work to be done….


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