Dongdong-ju and Makkeoli

Now if you know me,

you know I’m not a partyer.

Rather, closer to a 35 year old Soccer mom most of the time.

I appreciate being home by midnight and getting a good night’s rest.  

Love waking up early to seize the day, maybe go for a walk, do some yoga before real life takes the day over.  

I enjoy grocery shopping.  

I budget.  

I indulge in creating healthy recipes.  

I crave silence, solitude, and serenity.  

I wear my SPF, as well as sunglasses and a hat.  

I’m responsible (and boring) for my age.  

I love James Taylor music for crying out loud.   

 But once in a while, 

I really like knocking a few back.  

Maybe even going out till all hours dancing.  

This wild side (ha, ya right, wild…) 

comes out every once in a while…

 and in Korea it’s come out in the form of really liking Dongdongju and Magkeolli. 

enjoying Dongdongju in Insadong, like really enjoying it.


Makgeolli is a fermented rice wine…it’s unfiltered (you shake the bottle to mix the rice sediment with the liquid) and it can range from bland rice tasting to super sweet.  Alcohol percent is about 7%.

 Dongdongju is similar to Makgeolli but I think it’s made from glutinous rice instead of just rice.  I’ve been researching the difference between the two and just got frustrated and gave up…but I know I like both!  I’ve had it served with an ICEE consistency, which makes it even better…kinda like ice cream or an alcoholic icee.  

 Drinking is social event.  

It’s also an eating event here in Korea.

one eats some yummy Korean bar snacks 

(popcorn, pretzels, giant fruit loops…ya…) 

and traditional food with this stuff–like pajeon, a korean pancake, or dubu kimchi (tofu with fried up kimchi).  

 Usually a massive bowl of Makgeolli or Dongdongju is served in the middle of the table in big bowl with a soup ladle, then you serve friends and yourself into smaller bowls.  

It’s a lot of fun.  

You should try it.  

Even if you are boring and quiet and responsible.

makgeolli tasting for 2,000 won at “h” makgeolli bar in my ‘hood of Haebangcheon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
5 different makgeollis from 5 different regions of Korea.

don’t come to me complaining about a hangover.  This stuff doesn’t feel good the next day (or two).  You been warned!


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