Let’s Talk about Ahimsa…Non-Harm

So, I started a yoga teacher’s training course here in Seoul.  First concept in our readings is “ahimsa“, or non-violence. 

First thing’s first:

Being kind with yourself first, leads to kindness towards others.

Ahimsa is nothing new to me.  I’ve heard this concept before…yoga teacher’s speaking softly about it during savasana, in the Yoga Philosophy group I’ve gone to a few times here in Seoul, and now in the very first readings of teacher’s training.  Before I really put a name to it, it was even a concept which my Dad, (well one of the two Dad’s, frequently referred to as D2 (better than Stepdad)) and I have spoken about.  It’s even written on my little bulletin board here in Seoul.

But you know what, I don’t think I’ve fully been embodying it.

There’s something I’ve been schlepping around with me.

It’s been with me since a few weeks before college started (August 2004), to UC San Diego and my 4 different apartments there where it stayed in many a bathroom under the sink, across the world to Europe where it had a home in my underwear drawer in my little studio at Cambridge University, to under the sink at an apartment which I shared with 6 other equally insane (if not moreso) girls at UC Los Angeles for a summer, back to SD, up to Santa Monica (where it’s #’s seemed oh-so-crucial to my success…inevitably, those #’s dipped so low that I don’t think casting directors wanted me anymore, to Oxnard where it was occasionally used but not so important, and now, all the way here in Asia where it’s been hiding again under the sink, this time in the kitchen, where it’s been getting used less and less…but nonetheless still lurked it’s mind control and evil calculations every now and then…

So, I finally did something I should have done a while ago…


I smashed my scale!


 These were taken after a few blows with a hammer I had lying around.

I would’ve done some more destruction, but my landlord came knocking on the door.  When I answered, he took a peek past me, started smiling and offered his help…

“So proud of your goddess and your hammer. May the scales of all rest in peace as we remember that our true measure has always been how much came from love to us and the all”

~A quote from an e-mail from my wonderful neighbor, Nancy Szakacsy, MS, LMFT… an all around awesomely, inspirationally good person, who just so happens to be a Pro Head Helper, AND who got me starting this blog in the first place.  Extra kimchi kisses for you :*



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