Lazy Sunday AM and Antique-ing in Insadong

After a lazy Sunday morning spent grazing on healthy snacks….
…drinking some of my first batch of kombucha tea (woohoo for good bacteria)…
…finally leaving the apartment at 2, taking a stroll through the ‘hood…
…stoppin by Family Mart to fill up my T-Money (bus and tube card)…
and picking up a bottle of wine for later on the way back…
I hurt my foot last week and spent Friday night and all day Saturday in “forced relaxation”.  I was stir crazy and I finally left my hood of Haebangchon for the first time all weekend on Sunday afternoon. I hobbled out of my apartment, determined to get my walking and exploring on.  Inspired by my Dad the sequel’s (Stepdad Clem for you who don’t know him) fascination with Asian antiques like swords and other fun stuff, and his excitement over the antique table I found randomly in the dumpster a few months ago (will send home to California after Korea is over), I decided to head to Insadong to rummage for antiques to send home to Oxnard Shores.
The little table that started it all.
mother of pearl inlay, Chinese characters.
sundial with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters…~50,000 won
beautiful turtle compass with Chinese and Korean characters as well as Chinese astrological signs. very cool ~50,000 won
Compasses with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters, ~20,000 won
not antiques, but very pretty boxes. I like the wooden one, with the birds that signify longevity. I said “gakka juseo” (deal please) and the woman said she would sell for 20,000 won!
Antique wooden box, not sure of the price.
antique model cars and airplanes (D2…)
Spent the rest of the day wandering around…took a slow stroll along the Cheongycheon, randomly stumbled on a “Green Korea” exhibit and a Korean Healthy Foods Fair, (which I’ll write about later!)…
I also made a couple videos while I strolled through the downtown area. It was the first day I’ve spent completely alone in a long time. It was great to have some time for myself to just go where I wanted to go, be quiet for a bit. All in all it was such a great Sunday~though by the end I think  hobbled a bit too much on the bum foot~think I’ll have take to take it easy in forced relaxation again and allow myself to heal for a day or two.  Sunday antiqueing and exploring was worth it~

One thought on “Lazy Sunday AM and Antique-ing in Insadong

  1. Love the video…I wanna do videos like that while I am in the do you do it? You are so adventurous and brave..I hope i can become like you on my travels. Love your blog. We really must meet up whether it be in the states or somewhere else and swap travel stories and do some yoga and exploring together. xx

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