Too excited for my own good

Welps…I must have looked pretty cool: me with a backpacking backpack, yoga mat, and ukelele, sitting at the airport bus stop tonight in Seoul. waiting for the bus that never came.

See, I’m going on vacation to Thailand tomorrow (9 days wooooohoooo). it’s been planned since before I arrived in Seoul. i’ve been looking forward to lazy days and a yoga retreat on a thailand isle for a while. and planning it has taken over my brain since..hmmm…well let’s just say a while.

i’ve been mentally checked outta Seoul for the last week…the plan was to get to the airport jimjilbang and sleep there tonight (friday)…wake up refreshed in the morning, catch the flight at 9am…easy.

i was singing “leaving on a jet plane” out loud (not tooooo loud~ on the way to this bus.

“my backpack’s packed up…
im ready to go….
i’m standing here right in seoul…
i’d hate to wake up one more day in this hectic cityyyyyy….

so take me to incheon airport…
tell me that my flights on time…
fly me so so far awayyyyyyyyy.

i’m leavin on a jet plane,
don’t know when i’ll be back again,
thailand islands just might be the place for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

yeah. that was me about 2.5 hours ago.

at the bus stop, i even took out my new ukelele and strummed a few chords. for about 1/2 and hour actually. then i realized something was up.

i glanced over at the bus sign. 05:00-21:15. every 10-15 minutes. 15,000 won a person.

shit. i take out my cell and look at the time.. 22:15.

wow. earth to elisa. sign from the universe to pay better attention. be mindful!
just glad it happened in seoul, where i can easily head home, blog and have a laugh at what i just did…rather than some bus stop in thailand. guess my travel skills have grown un poquito rusty. i’ll have my A-game from this moment on…whew! trying the bus again in the AM.

anyang geyseyo, korea…sawadee Thailand!


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