Endless Korean Summer: Muiido Island

Headed off to Muiido island for a very special friend’s going away/”kidnapping” party (holler to Aimee, who is now off having the time of her life exploring SE Asia~ traveling, sustainably farming, making music,while both inspiring and spreading the zing)
The weekend was so much fun…a beautiful beach, warm ocean water, amazing and inspiring people everywhere, climbing rocks to meet gorgeous ocean vistas, eating some pretty darn good seafood barbeque (along with some seawater dubu I brought from Seoul to grill), music around a campfire, a few beers and magguli (Korean rice wine)… Oh goodness…just gooooood times.
I just have to say again seeing the mountains, the beaches (basically all the beauty outside of Seoul), meeting some cool folks, combined with this fab summer weather
(oh you know, at least 85 degrees everyday with 95% humidity..love it)
has completely turned my original impression of Korea 180 degrees. I can’t believe 6 months has already gone by and am excited to see what lies ahead in the time left here…
swimming swimming…to climbing climbing…and laughing laughing…
climbing some more rocks (not jumping off this time!)

handstand/headstand party…are adults really allowed this much fun? see why i love yoga? it let’s me do this!
seafood bbq. saved these shells to decorate my place in Seoul, and to bring home someday.
~clink~Gambe! (Cheers)…
tunes sung around a beach bonfire right before a nighttime rainshower hit…
who cares when the rain is warm?!
Found some Korean seashells (not from the previous night’s dinner…) and splayed out on the wrap/curtain I rescued from an Ajjima’s (Korean older lady) trash can.
sadly packing up. I think we all kinda hoped we’d miss that last ferry back to the mainland…

Jump for joy! last couple minutes before the ferry, we hopped out of the car to take a sunset photo….
Anyang Geyseyo (Goodbye), Muiido…

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