Too excited for my own good

Welps…I must have looked pretty cool: me with a backpacking backpack, yoga mat, and ukelele, sitting at the airport bus stop tonight in Seoul. waiting for the bus that never came.

See, I’m going on vacation to Thailand tomorrow (9 days wooooohoooo). it’s been planned since before I arrived in Seoul. i’ve been looking forward to lazy days and a yoga retreat on a thailand isle for a while. and planning it has taken over my brain since..hmmm…well let’s just say a while.

i’ve been mentally checked outta Seoul for the last week…the plan was to get to the airport jimjilbang and sleep there tonight (friday)…wake up refreshed in the morning, catch the flight at 9am…easy.

i was singing “leaving on a jet plane” out loud (not tooooo loud~ on the way to this bus.

“my backpack’s packed up…
im ready to go….
i’m standing here right in seoul…
i’d hate to wake up one more day in this hectic cityyyyyy….

so take me to incheon airport…
tell me that my flights on time…
fly me so so far awayyyyyyyyy.

i’m leavin on a jet plane,
don’t know when i’ll be back again,
thailand islands just might be the place for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

yeah. that was me about 2.5 hours ago.

at the bus stop, i even took out my new ukelele and strummed a few chords. for about 1/2 and hour actually. then i realized something was up.

i glanced over at the bus sign. 05:00-21:15. every 10-15 minutes. 15,000 won a person.

shit. i take out my cell and look at the time.. 22:15.

wow. earth to elisa. sign from the universe to pay better attention. be mindful!
just glad it happened in seoul, where i can easily head home, blog and have a laugh at what i just did…rather than some bus stop in thailand. guess my travel skills have grown un poquito rusty. i’ll have my A-game from this moment on…whew! trying the bus again in the AM.

anyang geyseyo, korea…sawadee Thailand!

Jump for Joy!: Gangwon-do River Trek

Over 4th of July weekend, I headed out with a tour group to Gangwon-do province. The province is known for its mountains, rivers, and great outdoors in general.

Snuggie…a gag gift from a coworker from Passages cos my office, “the lil old house” was freezing. Little did we know snug would travel around the world. So handy in freezing cold, air-con tour buses.
How to feel alive: jump!
we all took a break from the hike to jump off a smallish cliff into a pool of agua (sorry, Mom if you’re reading this:~).
a few of us kept climbing back up the rocks for more. so invigorating.
we stayed at a beautiful guesthouse in the countryside, where I made friends with the owner Denny. Denny took me around his farm, where we picked berries together to add to his freshly made yogurt. His gardens were absolutely gorgeous and I had so much fun roaming around, learning about everything he was growing. The fresh food also came in handy since someone forgot the peanut butter and jelly for bfast :~)
fresh berries
bobisu berries…the tree is from india, where legend has it that Buddha himself prayed under the bobisu tree. in chinese medicine, fruit’s health benefits correspond to what organ it looks like. I think the bobisu looks like a little heart! Maybe it’s a heart opening fruit?
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a few of us at the end of the 5 hour trek…exhausted and happy and ready to feast on bimbimbap~
All of these weekend trips out to the countryside have turned my idea of Korea completely around. On top of seeing the beauty of Korea, it’s giving me the opportunity to meet a whole new set of people each trip, catch up with like-minded souls from previous trips, meet the local people/culture, and experience some yummy food, too.
To anyone coming to Korea, or someone who is here and not too thrilled about it: I’d definitely say get involved with a group like this as soon as possible…I wish I had sooner!
kimchi kisses**

Endless Korean Summer: Muiido Island

Headed off to Muiido island for a very special friend’s going away/”kidnapping” party (holler to Aimee, who is now off having the time of her life exploring SE Asia~ traveling, sustainably farming, making music,while both inspiring and spreading the zing)
The weekend was so much fun…a beautiful beach, warm ocean water, amazing and inspiring people everywhere, climbing rocks to meet gorgeous ocean vistas, eating some pretty darn good seafood barbeque (along with some seawater dubu I brought from Seoul to grill), music around a campfire, a few beers and magguli (Korean rice wine)… Oh goodness…just gooooood times.
I just have to say again seeing the mountains, the beaches (basically all the beauty outside of Seoul), meeting some cool folks, combined with this fab summer weather
(oh you know, at least 85 degrees everyday with 95% it)
has completely turned my original impression of Korea 180 degrees. I can’t believe 6 months has already gone by and am excited to see what lies ahead in the time left here…
swimming swimming…to climbing climbing…and laughing laughing…
climbing some more rocks (not jumping off this time!)

handstand/headstand party…are adults really allowed this much fun? see why i love yoga? it let’s me do this!
seafood bbq. saved these shells to decorate my place in Seoul, and to bring home someday.
~clink~Gambe! (Cheers)…
tunes sung around a beach bonfire right before a nighttime rainshower hit…
who cares when the rain is warm?!
Found some Korean seashells (not from the previous night’s dinner…) and splayed out on the wrap/curtain I rescued from an Ajjima’s (Korean older lady) trash can.
sadly packing up. I think we all kinda hoped we’d miss that last ferry back to the mainland…

Jump for joy! last couple minutes before the ferry, we hopped out of the car to take a sunset photo….
Anyang Geyseyo (Goodbye), Muiido…

Busy busy busy

July has been a busy month! Been travelling just about every weekend, and there’s been dinner, drinks, art and/or music to be had just about every weeknight. Haven’t had much time to blog about all the adventuring, which is sorta a shame because when I finally do get to writing, I won’t have the experiences fresh in my head. Oh well, there is only so much you can pack into a day, and when it’s gorgeous outside, with my kinda hot humid weather, I’m not too keen on holin’ up in front of the computer screen…

I have, however, been taking loads and loads of pictures, which I’m so excited to go through and share. Good memories…amazing people…beautiful locations. So much more to come, and so much to write and reflect on. I’m really enjoying Korea right now.
Kimchi kisses to whoever reads this :*