yoga thoughts…

recently, i’ve been reading a lot…well whenever I have time. I bought a kindle e-book right before i left california that has been my best friend in Korea…I have about 80 books stored on it…I’m constantly reading about 3 or 4 books at a time…
so, family and good friends know I’m into reading autobiographies…especially about the women involved with rock of the 60’s-70’s (recent reads: pattie boyd who was married to george harrison AND eric clapton, chris o’dell who toured with the beatles, csny, rolling stones, bob dylan…). i love that era and wish i could have been part of it. the music. the change going on in the world. the freedom. flow. a gentler time. not practical in the long run, most would say, but a beautiful way of living life. ok, so i wish i was a hippie.
I randomly searched for yoga autobiographies (no, not “autobiography of a yogi”…) and came up with Mariel Hemingway’s book which intertwines her yoga and how each pose makes her feel with her story from childhood to Hollywood to present.
a quote that struck a chord:
“ That’s why Dog Tilt and Cat Tilt are perfect day breakers for me. Wriggling, writhing, and laughing aren’t always the nature of my role as an adult. It’s good to remind myself to play, and as my girls grow and make for themselves increasingly complex lives outside our family, I realize that I had better learn to play in my own life. I start that on my yoga mat. So today I’m a big kid moving through my postures, doing handstands and back bends with the curiosity of a child. ”

Shared on June 27th, 2010 from Kindle
~never forget to make time to play~



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